Locksmith Marketing

When your business is just starting out, take some time to create the marketing fundamentals your locksmith company will need. Some quick locksmith marketing basics you can cover include:

  • Fliers with specials or coupons
  • Dropping off fliers to hotels or business properties in your area
  • Joining your local chamber of commerce
  • Sending your flyer to real estate agents, firms and offices
  • Building a network of referral based business
  • Getting listed on online directories like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp and locksmith specific directories like locksmithlisting.com, aloa.org or locksmithledger.com
  • Working on graphics to vinyl wrap a work truck or preferably a locksmith van

Locksmith Business Advertising

Every locksmith business is unique. Some locksmiths are mobile only while others maintain a storefront in town. There are a variety of services that locksmiths can offer, very few offer all of them. Popular locksmith services offered in the United States include:

  1. Home Locksmith
  2. Digital Security Locks
  3. Rekeys
  4. Emergency Lockout Services
  5. Deadbolt Installation
  6. Repairing Broken Locks
  7. Safe Cracking
  8. Keys for Helicopters
  9. Key Duplication
  10. Changing Locks
  11. Lock Repairs
  12. Electronic Access Control Systems
  13. Master Key Sure Lock Systems
  14. Emergency Calls
  15. Auto Key Duplication or New Keys
  16. Transponder Keys
  17. Commercial Locksmith
  18. Auto Lockout Services
  19. Digital Security Locks
  20. Key Card Locks for Hotels
  21. Keys for Airplanes
  22. Safe Repairs
  23. Keys for Marine Vehicles, Boats

Now some locksmiths only do commercial work while others will specialize in home or automotive work. Once you scale your business though, you may want to consider adding services to stay busy as your fleet and labor crews grow. General locksmith services are a kind of catch all many lean into as some one person operations just don’t want to miss any business.

Digital Marketing Basics for Locksmiths

You will want to make certain that you not only have a website, but that the website you have is full of the right information people are looking for. For example, if you are offering a vehicle lockout service, make sure you write some content about this subject on your website. It is not enough to simply say that you offer it in two words.

Directory citations are important as well, the more accurate citations you have the better chance you have of getting more traffic. Locksmith Marketing can be very difficult to do on your own but not impossible. Knocking out a little bit every day over your first year can have a staggering impact on your overall lead generation for your business.

Marketing isn’t just about online marketing or offline referrals but instead look at it as a combination of all your efforts and the way they help your locksmith company grow.

Should you need more help on your locksmith marketing or want to see some examples of locksmiths that dominate their marketplace, check out the blog at Bestlocksmithseo.com and some of their case studies. Having worked with them for years I can say that they really help us boost our client rankings when we struggle to get a locksmith a significant increase in business. Within a month or two their tactics kind of pass every competitor in a marketplace online and offline.

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