Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey, we’re doing alright thanks! It’s been a difficult year as both a band and individuals but appears as though we may be seeing some light at the end of the tunnel which is a relief.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Messiah”?

Yes, so Messiah is a really intense, dramatic track that we thought would be a strong single to lead us toward our sophomore EP, Take Me To The Skies. It swings from this very brooding, atmospheric verse into a relentlessly aggressive chorus, which required a lot of arrangement tweaking to make work. In fact, we were almost ready to cut the song from the EP back in the summer when we were discussing what the track list should be.

It was really tough as a trio to get enough energy with the drums / bass we had originally written for the demo track, so with our producer Elliott’s help we managed to rework it, fill the huge void and give the chorus some much needed torque. Needless to say, we are glad we kept it on the record.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

I suppose my entire childhood when I look back. Being indoctrinated into a belief system from the minute I entered school, and then later coming to question the significance of religion. The song goes on to speak about what I perceive to be the negative aspects of religious ideology, such as blindly believing that all things happen as part of ‘god’s plan’. I can understand that it’s perhaps easier for people to cling to this when it comes to life’s hardships – but I just prefer to live in the real world and find peace in the challenges of life.

In the chorus I wanted it to feel as if I’m screaming into the sky to try and see if it will provoke a reaction from the so-called “god”.

The single comes off your new album Take Me To The Skies– what’s the story behind the title?

The title is a lyric from the opening song on the EP, but moreover it’s a metaphor for what music can be for many of us – escapism. It tries to surmise that feeling of putting on your favorite record, closing your eyes, and blocking out the world around you – something we could all do with right now.

How was the recording and writing process?

Recording was a dream when we could actually meet up. We had to reign in the recording halfway through because of the COVID lockdowns which was obviously frustrating; as an artist you want to get the tracks done in as small a timeframe as possible, because if you wait even a week, let alone a month, you can be in a totally different headspace and then the music will suffer.

But thankfully we were still buzzing from just having released our debut EP a couple months earlier, so that helped get us over that hurdle. On top of that, Elliott who we knew from producing our single ‘Fussy’, really helped squeeze the most out of us. Because we knew him it didn’t feel like we were overly conflicting on small details of the songs or challenging the overall vision in any way, and that’s how recording your music should go.

In terms of actually coming out with the material, we had a pool of around 20 songs to pick from at the time. They were all written at various points within a year of when we first got in the studio, and that was helpful as it gave us more freedom to decide what kind of vibe we wanted from the EP. As you’ll come to see that vibe was balls to the wallall killer, no filler.

Take Me To The Skies very nearly would have been a full album, but we felt it’s just not the right time for us to release such a big record.

What role does Watford play in your music?

Watford is a very distinctive town with a sort of roguish charm. We’ve lived around the area all our lives so there are tons of memories which have been etched into our very being. It gets a bad rep but I’ve never felt unsafe wandering the streets after a late night sesh, and maybe that’s part of the attitude heard in our music – this sense of immortality and youth.

The venues here are very welcoming; there’s The Horns at the top end by our town hall which is basically slap bang beside the college we all met at, and then there’s O’Neills – formerly The Flag – by Watford Junction train station. We love to perform here and we always have a place to go and make a racket, so that helps us stay active on the live circuit (under usual circumstances).

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

It’s hard to pinpoint because I don’t get inspired in the sense of sitting down and thinking long and hard about the theme, the tone, or whatever it may be other writers strive for; that’s a headache waiting to happen. No, instead I just start jamming what I hear in my head on guitar whilst recording, then incorporating any melody that comes to me (sometimes I get everything at once), and afterwards listen back to what I just sung. Deciphering them is often an afterthought since it’s really just a stream of subconscious wordings with no preconceived direction, but it’s that spontaneity that separates one song from the next.

What else is happening next in SINKA’s world?

There’s album talks, music videos we are itching to get filmed once we are allowed out to do them, acoustic sessions to shoot, exciting new songs are being written, tour planning for when the live scene returns, hopefully a livestreaming setup at our rehearsal space for the ongoing future depending on how things turn out, fun stuff like cover videos and collabs – the works!

Right in this very moment though it’s about making sure that as many people as possible get to hear our new single Messiah as well as the future releases from Take Me To The Skies. The EP is out on April 16th and it’s mega, plus there will be plenty to see on our socials in the meantime. Come follow us at @sinkaband

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