Behind The Lyrics: Danica Dares’ ‘Paranoia Party’

Danica Dares lead singer Harriet McBain talks us through the meaning behind the words for the band’s latest track ‘Paranoia Party’.

Danica Dares formed in the madness of 2020, as reflected in the blend of styles used to get their message across. Loosely defining themselves as alt-indie rock, their sound encompasses everything from 80s synth, to spoken word and choral music. Newly-formed and restless, Danica Dares take you on a journey through an emotive sonic soundscape; each track has a very distinctive style, but all combine the ethereal and the grounded to tell engaging stories to those that dare to listen.

Paranoia Party

Cold fingers wrapped around your palm – uneasiness of being alone driving us to cling on to the wrong people

Strange noises behind us, you’re keeping me calm – an unhealthy need to look to others for comfort and to solve our own problems

Waiting for something to help me release – our gravitation towards distractions to help us escape our reality and loose inhibitions (socially this is often alcohol!)

Stare into the distance but I cannot see – looking to our future to make sense of our present but feeling totally lost and directionless

The lips, the teeth, the tip of the tongue I cannot speak and the silence has won The lips, the teeth, the tip of my tongue they’re numb – being around people can make us nervous to the point of paralysis about what to say or how to behave

Can anyone hear me, is anyone out there Can anyone see me, and should I run fasterMy legs, my feet, my body, and mindMy legs, my feet, my body, and mind are running away – feeling trapped and alone but running away from our social anxieties and fears rather than confronting them

To my party, I want to find a partyCould be with anybodyI want to feel somebody Is it you? – desperate for some social interaction to the point of being totally undiscriminating about who it’s with. Spending time with anymore just to feel a sense of closeness to something but this can dislocate us from finding our sense of self.

Will you come to my party? – wanting people to like you and want you

I’m not just anybody – having to prove and justify yourself to others in order to be accepted

I’m tired of feeling lonelyListen to my isolation cry
It doesn’t look like you are coming with me I feel like everybody is looking at me My eyes, your eyes, staring at meMy breath, my throat, I cannot breath – a sensed rejection from others morphing into total social paranoia

Everything’s spinning and I cannot see and my palms are now sweating – a blinding fear of judgement from others

I need some relief, please help me – panic inducing feelings created by the pain of exclusion. We can try to overcome this with alcohol to numb the distress or desperately look to reassurance from others. Both are inevitably futile, just papering over the cracks.

To find a party but you don’t want me at your partyI can’t find anybodyI don’t think you even like me, is that true? I feel alone, so lonelyPlease help me find somebody Have you all just left this party Listen to my isolation cry – our mind can run away with us and often assume the worst. If we sense a rejection it can be easy to slip into victim complex and feel totally alone, assuming nobody is there to understand your perspective. If you feel like this, or if you’re made to feel like this by the actions of others, reassess how you value yourself and question the substance of your relationships with people.

I don’t want to be alone and I don’t want to feel so lonely I want you to be my friend and stay right beside here with me, the walls are closing in and the skies are getting darker, my palms are getting sweaty and my pulse is getting fasterHelp me, please help me, why can’t you help me? I don’t think I can do this anymore- don’t allow yourself to be at the mercy of other people for your own happiness; don’t invest in connections with people who make you feel unhappy and/or lonely. Look to yourself for comfort and once you’re happier in your own skin, you’ll gravitate towards healthier people.

I don’t want to hurt my body, but you won’t let me join your party, and now I feel so god damn empty, listen to my isolation cry Help me, please help me, help me I don’t think I can do this anymore – the pain of rejection and the fear of being alone can drive us to do extreme things, things that can really damage us. Love yourself, love your body – look after yourself first and foremost. You are your best and most important company.

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