A Mentor To Millenials, Norvin Lopez Teaches The Next Generation How To Create Wealth  

There is an abundance of mentors in today’s age who are trying to help people cope with their problems; However, at times, the problems which need to be solved are stemming from not having enough income to live life on your own terms.

For the younger generation who dream of one day becoming financially independent, Norvin Lopez has stepped in and guided them on how to let this become not just a dream, but one day a reality.

He gives opportunities to those who are hard workers, ambitious and focus on getting the job done. Unlike other jobs where you can only get so high and reach a ceiling, the amount of income someone can earn is uncapped.

The great part of this all is that it is not due to the opportunity of a job that Norvin shines through; Rather, it is because of how he trains and leads the people he brings into his business. It is not a two week training period and then you are off to the wolves on your own.

Training is consistent, almost daily at times, sharpening the skills of each team member so that they are ready to go out and succeed.

Leaders Need To Create Future Leaders

Norvin Lopez tells us “I never see a new person who I bring into the organization as lower than me. I need them to step into their greatness and lead the next wave. I can only feel successful when someone develops into a leader.”

He adds “My team will only ever be as good as the weakest link. This is why we focus so much time on the training. The more we show someone how to do it properly, how to overcome the setbacks and to keep pressing forward, the better they will do. When one person wins, we all win. It shows the rest of the group it’s possible.”

Give Advice, Not A Lecture

“The one thing I know above all others is that the millennial generation is filled with smart, creative people. I never tell them what to do. I advise them on what worked for me and others. I tell them it’s their choice to be successful and never force anything. Its incredible how different the dynamic is around the office when you genuinely show someone you trust them to make the right choice” says Norvin.

Be Available To Those Who Need Help

When asked for a final thought, all he told us was “Be available to those who need help.” If you would like to get ahold of Norvin, click here to To follow Norvin, click this link

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