Unique Paint Ideas to Try this Year

A fresh and fun painting can add a whole new vibe and ambiance to your room or space. Painting projects are also a great way to unwind, destress, and work on a new hobby.

In this article, we’ve pulled together 20 unique paint ideas for 2021.


Paint your kid’s favorite animal. Kids love animals, sometimes to obnoxious levels of obsession. Why not try your hand at a paint your child’s favorite animal and then hanging it in their room to enjoy.


Paint a sunrise over the water — bright colors, fun, and challenging ripples. Painting a sunrise over water can be uplifting and calming.


Paint some rocks. There are rock hiding and searching groups all over social media these days. Why not contribute to the fun and paint a few unique rocks to hide around your town and leave clues for others to find. 


Make an abstract painting of your favorite colors. This type of painting can be a great way to blow off steam. Choose an abstract artist to mimic and attempt their technique, but with your own favorite colors.


Paint your favorite mountain range. This one is fun because you can use the same color and simply ombre by adding white to lighten as the mountains get farther away.


Paint a stary sky. Let yourself be inspired by the universe and paint a beautiful night sky full of bright stars over deep blues and purples with swirling clouds.


Paint a self-portrait. Why not grab your mirror and do a life drawing study of the features of your face. An exercise like this can help you learn distancing and sizing since you know your face a lot better than you know others.


Paint a fall tree scene. A scene like this is serene and bright and beautiful at the same time.


Paint a campfire or a fireplace. Fire can seem tricky to paint at first, but it is just a matter of playing with colors to create depth. Fires are warm, cozy, and inviting.


Paint a close-up of a flower. Grab a magnifying glass and get to work on those details. This is called a macro painting and can be very satisfying to work on and complete.


Paint a rainbow of colors across the entire canvas. Instead of painting a rainbow in a bow shape, try filling the canvas with layers of color in a ROYGBIV format.


Paint a bowl of fruit. Still-life is a fun and challenging way to create art. Simply fill a bowl with different fruits. Set in a window and begin painting.


Paint a pet portrait. We all love our pets and having a precious portrait you painted yourself can be loads of fun.


A beach scene. Beach scenes are iconic paintings, but who doesn’t love getting lost in the calming waves from time to time. 


Paint a red barn. Red barns are another one of those nostalgic things that pretty much everyone can relate to. Paint your red barn and hang that beauty in your kitchen.


Paint a mandala. A mandala is a symmetrical circular pattern. Painting a mandala can be a meditative experience and great for putting your mind at ease.


Paint a goldfish. Goldfish make great nude models and are fun to paint. They are colorful and fun to create the movement of them swimming around.


Paint your childhood home. Fond memories of our childhood homes can make for excellent subject matter for paintings and even better gifts for siblings or parents once completed.


Paint an insect. Butterflies and moths can be great subjects for your paintings. They are colorful, somewhat symmetrical, and absolutely beautiful creatures.


Try a personalized paint by numbers canvas. A paint by numbers canvas can transform an everyday photograph into a new and exciting memory for friends and family. The subject matter can be just about anything, and these usually come in kits that supply just enough paint for all your numbers.

In conclusion, it’s not hard to widdle the day away painting. No matter your skill level, there are some fascinating subjects that you can get started with right away. Fill your new year with color by trying out some of these twenty-one painting ideas.

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