Top 5 Best Teams To Use in Madden NFL 21 For More Wins

In today’s guide, let us go over the absolute best teams in Madden 21 that will set you up for success to win more games.  Whether you’re an offline player or an online player, you want to use the best teams in the game because it gives you a better chance to win and we will break down why these teams are the best and go over a couple honorable mentions and then give you our top five teams to use, which includes the superstars costing millions of MUT 21 Coins in the market.

When looking at the best teams, there’s a few rules of thumb:

1. You want at least a decent quarterback no matter what, because sometimes you’re going to have to throw the ball; you don’t want to use a team that has a liability at quarterback.

2. Speed is always king, the more speed on your team the better, so make sure to buy MUT coins to get some players with high speed rating.

3. Another important thing for Madden 21 nowadays are abilities. You want to look for teams that have a lot of abilities because usually this means you have mismatches players that are a lot harder to deal with. Specifically you really want to make sure you do have a team with a pass rushing ability player because it makes playing defense a little easier.

Let’s go over a few honorable mentions

1. Saints

Saints have pretty much everything you need a good quarterback, they have good weapons on offense not really a lot of speed, but they’re a good team to methodically move the ball with and have a really good offensive line which not a lot of teams have. They have the pass rusher ability with Cameron Jordan, so they can get to the QB. And you’ve got a few other studs on defense like your Demario Davis, Marshawn Lattimore and Marcus Williams.

2. Seahawks

You got dangerous Wilson with all that mobility and the escape artist ability attached, he can pretty much do it all. You’ve got a ton of speed at wide receiver we already know speed kills and Madden and a good veteran tied in with Greg Olsen who still has decent speed. Now the only thing this team doesn’t really have is a superstar pass rusher, maybe if there is Resign Clowney that could make a huge difference but as of now they don’t have. But everything else, they got look at the linebacker speed – Bruce Irving, Shaquille griffin, you got the stud Bobby Wagner, Jordan Brooks. Another fast linebacker, they have K.J Wright the veteran. In the secondary, you’ve got a pretty decent cornerback group with decent speed and all have good height, you have Quandary Diggs who’s solid at free safety. Then you got the newcomer Jamal Adams which really makes this defense unfair when you consider the speed, and the fact that he has the enforcer ability along with Bobby Wagner. You have two enforcers on the same team, the Seahawks are a very very good team to run with this year in Madden.

3. Texans

A little bit similar there to the Seahawks, you got the mobile QB, Deshaun Watson and some good weapons and speed on offense. However with this team, you do get the pass rushing ability with JJ Watt, he’s going to cause problems. You also got a couple other studs on defense, such as Bernard Mckinney who’s pretty good. There is some speed in the secondary with Justin Reed. Texans are a really good team to run with.

4. Vikings

Another honorable mention is the vikings. Again kind of similar to the saints, here is not a whole lot of speed but a lot of good weapons a team that you can methodically move the ball with. They also have the superstar pass rushing ability with the Neil Hunter which is really good and they got a few studs on defense with Michael Pierce. They’re going to have players like Anthony Barr, Eric Kendricks and of course Harrison Smith – the best safety in Madden 21. Another good team to run with a lot of balance.

5. Cardinals

Here’s a wild card honorable mention – the cardinals. Now Kyla Murray throwing stats aren’t the best but he’s got the mobility and the escape artist ensure you got some good weapons on offense especially with Deandre Hopkins being added to the team. You do have a superstar pass rusher with Chandler Jones and you have some other studs on defense like Patrick Peterson, Buddha Baker and Rookie Isaiah Simmons who is a speed demon.

Top 5 Best Madden NFL 21 Teams

Top 5. Cowboys

Pretty much have almost everything you could want. Dak Prescott just good enough, he’s not a bad QB, get good enough accuracy and some mobility. You’ve got Ezekiel Elliott, one of the best running backs in the game, has a whole bunch of abilities that make him even better. You’ve got a really good receiving core with Cooper Gallop and Lamb. Not a lot of crazy speed, but a team that you can methodically move the ball with. It is the team has one of the best offensive lines in football which is really going to make it easy to run the ball. On defense, you have the pass rushing superstar with Demarcus Lawrence, he causes a lot of problems, you also have Gerald Mccoy to ensure a crazy good linebacking core with a lot of speed with Leighton Van Der. The secondary isn’t the absolute greatest but you do have some speed with the Woozier and Anthony Brown. If you want speed in your secondary, it really helps a lot in Madden 21. Then on the back end, you got Xavier Woods, Clinton-Dix with decent speed. This is going to be a team you want to use if you’re a little bit more of a runner, you can pass the ball good with them too with that offensive line with Ezekiel Elliott and you have good pass rushers and linebackers on defense.

Top 4. Ravens

With 96 speed MVP, Lamar Jackson’s a problem to deal with, not many people can run with him even in a QB spy they can’t keep up with Jackson and he’s got good throwing stats. You don’t have a lot of speed at running back but Mark Ingram is still solid wide receiving core isn’t the best but with a guy like Hollywood Brown, his 97 speed is really all you need to know and then these other guys here are serviceable enough. But you also have Mark Andrews who is a really solid target and fast for a tight end. You’ve got a pretty good offensive line in the game so that helps out, and a superstar pass rusher as Caleus Campbell is going to help you get to the QB. There are other studs on defense like Matthew Judon and the Rookie Patrick queen at 89 speed. If you got a lot of speed, your overall doesn’t need to be that high you’re covering ground with a lot of speed. To the secondary, Marlin Humphrey superstar player with decent speed, Marcus Peters, Jimmy Smith, Earl Thomas absolute stud.

Top 3. 49ers

The 49ers were probably the best overall team in the game last year, and still really good again in Madden NFL 21. Jimmy Garoppolo just good enough to get it done, and you’ve got great speed with Mustard and Coleman at halfback which you can rotate in and out to keep them fresh. Wide receiver really the only weak link on the team, you do have Debo Samuel who’s okay but other than that kind of weak, but you got George Kittle who makes up for that. He is the best titan in the game and has extra routes as part of his superstar ability, so it allows you to be more creative on offense because you can put George Kittle on extra hot routes than the typical tight end or wide receiver hot routes that most players have. There is a pretty good offensive line with this team as well but the defense is where they shine – a superstar pass rusher Eric Armstead  and another really good pass rusher D. Ford. Go to the linebackers, Quan Alexander is a good linebacker with speed, and Fred Warner is a really good linebacker with speed. And then you got Dre Greenlaw, he is not the best linebacker but decent speed. We have Sherman to shut down cornerback with superstar abilities, you might want to back him up so he doesn’t get burned because he is a little slow but he’s going to play really good zone defense.

Top 2. Chiefs

It’s good to note Patrick Mahomes has escape artists as well so he’s going to be pretty fast at running back. This is more of a pass heavy team anyway you kind of just run to keep people honest with the chiefs. You got Tyra Hill with 99 speed and Sammy Watkins with decent speed and all-around receiver. Then 97 speed and 99 speed at receiver that makes it so hard to defend them doesn’t matter how good you are on defense, there’s not a lot of teams that can deal with two fast players. The second best titan in the game – Travis Kelce much like George Kittle, he also has abilities that give him extra hot routes, so you can be more creative on offense and he’s really fast just an absolute problem to deal with. Offensive line is okay not the greatest in the world but they’re good enough to get it done. On defense, you do have some good guys like Frank Clark.  You have a superstar pass rusher at DT with Chris Jones linebacker is probably the weakest spot on this team to be honest with you. Secondary isn’t the greatest either, but this is a team where you’re putting up points

Top 1. Buccaneers

Because of Tom Brady and his hot route master ability because that means he can get extra hot routes for every player on the field the titans the wide receivers and the running backs, and that makes it a nightmare to play defense. Because you can put all the best routes on the field at all times. Now the running game not the craziest, you got a couple players with decent speed here, but again much like the chiefs you’re picking this team to run up the score passing the ball and that’s where they shine. Mike Evans is the superstar x factor receiver then you’ve got Chris Godwin another superstar receiver. Scotty Miller who’s not good but his 94 speed is good to have somebody that fast on your offense and then you’ve got Gronkowski and Howard means you have receiving options like crazy and you have that hot route master it makes the bucks probably the hardest team to stop outside of the chiefs and their speed. You go over the defensive side of the ball and some pretty decent players there. You’re picking this team because it’s going to be very very hard to match the scoring output and you do still have a really solid front seven so running the ball on, you shouldn’t be a problem because you have the superstar pass rusher.

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