Starz Prepares to Unveil New Julia Roberts and Sean Penn Starring Series about Watergate

There were others before it, but the Watergate break-in which took down the presidency of Richard Nixon overshadowed past scandals, even as it seemed to set the stage for future ones. It’s a dark stain on American history that reverberates especially in today’s hyper-partisan and very cantankerous politics. Filmmaker Alan J. Pakula (Sophie’s Choice) tackled the break-in, subsequent cover-up and investigation of same in his opus All the President’s Men and Oliver Stone put a magnifying glass up to the man who instigated it all in his underestimated masterpiece Nixon. And now, per our political activist muchachos at The Hollywood Reporter, Starz network has a new production set to roll out all about one of the defining moments in recent history featuring some pretty familiar names.

 Julia Roberts (Homecoming, Flatliners) and Sean Penn (Sweet and Lowdown, Dead Man Walking) are set to star in the upcoming Starz anthology show about Watergate entitled Gaslit from creator and showrunner Robbie Pickering (Search Party). Gaslit is based off of the popular Slate podcast Slow Burn.

Gaslit takes the form of an anthology format to present to its audience various and sundry stories of people in some shape and form connected to the Watergate scandal.

 Although the series is still in its infancy, it’s already amassed a slight body count in the form of actor Joel Edgerton (The Great Gatsby) and his brother, director Nash Edgerton (The Gift), both of whom had to bow out of the series due to scheduling conflicts. Also gone from the cast is Armie Hammer who as of late has weathered a PR nightmare in the form of some questionable personal behavior. Thank gads for the casting department: Both Hammer’s and Joel Edgerton’s roles are in the process of being recast while Matt Ross of 28 Hotel Rooms fame has replaced Nash Edgerton as a director and executive producer on the project.

Christina Davis, the president of original programming for Starz, issued a press release about Gaslit, saying that “In Gaslit, we not only have the opportunity to tell an incredible untold story…but we are also incredibly lucky to have a dream cast including Julia and Sean and the best creative team and partners we could have asked for.”

Gaslit is currently in production and as of yet no official word on a drop date for the series proper. Stay tuned, True Believers!

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