Is Delta 8 THC More Beneficial Than CBD?

In 2019, the global cannabidiol market size was estimated at $7.1 billion, expected to hit $9.3 billion sometime in 2020; and forecasted to reach upwards of $23.6 billion by 2025. With the legalization of Hemp, Delta 8 THC has also become a very popular cannabinoid; since it is a market that is still in its infancy, there haven’t been any market forecasts released just yet. Although Hemp has become very popular this leaves many people wondering about the benefits of CBD and Delta 8 THC .

When talking about the benefits of one product over the other you have to consider the effects. Some people prefer CBD because it doesn’t get you high while others don’t. However, each product comes with its own perks and benefits. Here are some things to consider:

The Difference Between Delta 8 THC and CBD

There are many differences between both Delta 8 THC and CBD. It is still unknown how many benefits Delta 8 THC has to offer due to the lack of research. However, there has been more research for CBD and its benefits are starting to emerge. In fact, 14% of U.S. adults are reported to have used CBD products. This number is constantly growing due to extensive research that is still being conducted. There just isn’t much research on the benefits of Delta 8 THC just yet.

General Comparison of THC and CBD

  • Delta 8 THC can increase your appetite.
  • CBD is non-psychoactive.
  • Delta 8 THC is psychoactive.
  • Both THC and CBD have Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains.
  • Both are Hemp derivatives (come from Hemp)

Delta 8 THC’s Most Notable Benefit

The most notable benefit of Delta 8 THC is that it is a psychoactive cannabinoid; and that is one of the most prominent factors of why one would choose Delta 8 THC over CBD. CBD will not get you high or offer any head change, but Delta 8 THC does.

Many people seek to get high for that euphoric head change. However, the cloudy – not in control feeling might be too much for some people to handle; but the fact that it can change your mood, outlook, and perception becomes attractive. It is benefits such as these that can make Delta 8 THC more beneficial to one person over another.

CBD’s Most Notable Benefit

Aside from the non-psychoactive properties found in CBD; the most notable benefit is how you can take it. CBD Topicals are very popular among all age groups. This is CBD that you apply to your skin. Although some Delta 8 THC infused Topicals exist – CBD is more popular in this department. This is due to the fact that you can target specific parts of your body using CBD Topicals. You may only want to use CBD on your muscles after a workout or a strained muscle.

Methods Of Use

The way you can take CBD and Delta 8 THC are almost identical. You can vape both products, take sublingual, and are available in edible forms. However, how fast you feel the results from both products will depend on how you take it. Although they are similar in the method of use the results are completely different. When it comes to CBD you can’t take more to feel “high”; regardless of how much you take. But, Delta 8 THC can give you a head change the more you take.


This is one of the most popular methods of use for those who are new to Hemp products. The fact that they taste good and are easy to use make them one of the best sellers. Typically you will find Edible Gummies, Drink Mix, Baked Good, and other types of infused products. Edible products tend to be really concentrated so you will want to be careful on how much you take. Also, the flavors are the biggest draw to Edibles aside from their strong effects.


If you’re trying to use a CBD Cartridge or Delta 8 THC Cartridges you’ll need a 510 thread battery with a built in air flow. These devices are specifically designed to vape distillate cartridges. However, if you’re vaping infused e-juice you can use any device that has low wattage. The reason why Vaping CBD or Delta 8 THC is so popular is because it has a faster absorption rate. This means you’re able to feel its effects a lot quicker when compared to Edibles or other ingestibles.

CBD Only

The biggest differences between the methods of use is that certain products are available for CBD only. This list includes Topicals and Hemp Flower, which Delta 8 THC doesn’t produce or are not that popular. Delta 8 THC is produced when you isolate the 8th bond in THC instead of the 9th. Therefore the extract is not as abundant in the Hemp Flower to produce a stand-alone product. The result is you’ll find CBD Flower and Delta 8 THC Infused Hemp Flower. Also, you’ll find lotions, creams, and balms infused with CBD but not so much with Delta 8 THC. The reasons vary why this happens but CBD is popular when it comes to cosmetics and Raw Flower.


Each product comes with its own benefits and perks. There are some notable benefits in CBD over Delta 8 because it has been around longer. However, the biggest benefit of Delta 8 THC is the ability to get its users high. Although Delta 8 has this advantage over CBD there are far more products available for CBD. The biggest factor when having to decide between these 2 products is do you want to get high or do you prefer to stay mellow.

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