What Your Hair Care Routine Might be Missing

Haircare routines have changed a lot since the days of our mothers. We’ve gone from the natural to the artificial and synthetic and come back around to marveling at nature’s wonders as we discover the complexity and wonder of some of the things that grow all around us. 

We’ve found that some of the wonders that the titans of the beauty industry promised us had a ton of negative effects on our bodies—or in some cases did next to nothing. So let’s take a moment to assess what we’re doing for ourselves and make sure we maximize all the work we do for ourselves. We took some time to ask around and do some research from companies who act on fashion with compassion to see what many people are missing. 

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Scalp Nourishment and Care

Your scalp is literally the foundation of your hair, and even though most people don’t see it you will need to make sure it gets taken care of too. Tea tree oil, an all-natural product, can help clear excess oils and wipe away any bacteria that may be hanging out on your scalp. It’s a good way to reduce the chance of scalp acne and dandruff—and no matter how much ‘natural’ is in fashion, dandruff will never be.

If you ever needed an excuse for a massage, a weekly routine of working the surface of your scalp in small circles for a few minutes will leave you feeling relaxed in addition to distributing the naturally occurring oils to your hair, which protect it and provide a lustrous shine.

Hair Protection

Just like your skin, the sun can actually damage your hair pretty badly. The harsh UVA and UVB rays from the sun can erode the cuticle, or the outer layer, causing all kinds of damage from frizziness, brittleness, breakage, and split ends. A glamorous sun hat or tasteful hair scarf when out in the sun can prevent you from getting damage.

Just like with the hair itself, sun exposure can also oxidize hair dye, potentially damaging hundreds of dollars in treatments you’ve done.

Having a darling collection of accessories and remembering to use them will not only protect your hair but give you that classic movie star glamor that is coming back strong.

Moisture Sealing Routine For Curly or Porous Hair

If you have damaged, porous, or curly hair, applying moisturizing conditioners is one thing, but there are techniques that you can add to your routine to lock moisture into your hair on a molecular level. Starting with your favorite light, water-based moisturizer—gently work it through your hair for an even spread. Next, follow up with hair oil, working it through your hair until a consistent and thin layer throughout your hair. Finally, finish by working shea butter throughout your hair for a third layer.

The water-based conditioner floods into the finer pores and dried-out areas. The oil then forms a protective coating and due to the thickness prevents the water-based conditioner from sliding out of the pores and dehydrating. With a coat of shea butter, the oils and water together are locked in for long-term hydration that is unmatched by any plain leave-in conditioner.

Heat Protection

Protectants for your hair during heat treatment are not a scam. In fact, the use of flat and curling irons can heat your hair to almost 270 degrees! That then damages your color, the outer sheath of the hair—and drying out the internal structure. 

That leaves you risking damage and winding up with a split and frizzy mess. Protectants, on the other hand, often contain natural proteins and compounds which coat the hair and prevent it from rapidly heating and also infusing it with additional moisture to lessen the impact of the tools we use. After all, our goal when we use them is to totally restructure the hair—and that’s not the gentlest thing.

What Could You Be Missing?

Do you have any problem areas? A stubborn quality or recurring form of damage? If you can’t ask a professional to figure out what is causing it, consider which portions of your treatment plans could be adding to the problem or what could be augmented to get closer to your hair goals.

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