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AwesomeOS is excited to be there for your needs when beginning or expanding the base of a company. We are there to help you grow to a worldwide audience, through our areas of expertise.

Graphic Design

Let our creative team of graphic design artists help you bring your ideas to life! Our graphic artists can reimagine your current media, including still images and video, to better reflect the needs of your company in a world that is increasingly defined by the marriage of graphical interfaces with text on touchscreens. 

Knowing the best way to present the visuals that are associated with your product, service, or website is a craft that is shaped over time. Our team of experts will know exactly how to present your company’s ideas and services to the audience you need and want. A wide knowledge of promotional work with graphic design has allowed our artists to create successful, visually stunning sites for a variety of e-commerce clients and other well-known media outlets.

Let our talented team rethink your business and your website to usher in a new, exciting era for you in the world of international e-commerce and web-based retail.  

Customer Service is the doorway to accessing an amazing customer service crew and call center. We mentor our customer service employees to interact with your important customer base with courtesy and knowledge, to present a well-informed, personal face when your customers reach out for one on one help. We provide a wide array of products to help your business thrive, including live chat, email response, SMS, and voice, as well as platforms based on high traffic social media platforms. 

Your business will never appear to be poorly manned with 24-hour-a-day, 365-days-a-year  response capability. Our operators, chat room, and email specialists are always at-the-ready to provide an upbeat, pleasant face to your business, and answer any tough questions your customers might have.

Back Office Support

In need of a back-office support team to help coordinate important business operations? AwesomeOS is there to help you. 

Our vetted team of administrative specialists will take on challenging roles such as tedious data entry tasks, and order entries. Our team is skilled and capable and will crank out your back-of-the-office task list with accuracy and stealth, allowing your business to function in a timely manner that reflects a focus on excellence that every business has hopes to achieve. 

Web & Software Development

Our web and software developers are ready and waiting to manage the most important aspect of any web-based business: making sure your digital services are functioning correctly, keeping avenues of business and information open, and operating without lags or flaws that will discourage and suppress sales. 

Front-end and back-end developers will team up to create the best site possible for your business, building solutions and giving any support that is needed to keep everything flowing in a positive direction. Our expertise at creating visually stunning and intuitive interfaces to your internet-based or even brick-and-mortar business will keep you satisfied and keep your business competitive in an increasingly worldwide market. 

We are located in Los Angeles and the Philippines and are prepared to work with any company in the world that is ready to take their business to the next level in an increasingly digital world. Give us a call or drop us a line today! AwesomeOS is ready to show you just how we can make your company into a force to be reckoned with.

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