How Many Carbs does Bread Actually Have?

Bread is laden with carbs, but it tastes so good. How can we continue to enjoy hot and toasted bread in our lives without the guilt of all the carbs?

Did you know that there are 15 grams of carbs in a slice of bread?

Bread doesn’t have to be about carbs. What if I told you there is a healthy and guilt-free way to enjoy some of that delicious bread you crave?

How is Bread Traditionally Made

Bread is made from baking a mixture of flour, water, yeast, and some sugar after it has had time to set up and bloom. The structure of bread is made of gluten, which many people have sensitivities to that they might not even be aware of. The reason why bread is labeled as unhealthy food is not due to this sensitivity alone, but rather on how bread is broken down in the body to become energy. 

This mixture leaves very little room for actual sustenance, which is probably how the concept of the modern sandwich came to be. The bread was an easy vehicle for sopping up liquids and fats that could also be used for energy.

The Brief History of Bread

Bread is an important staple food in many cultures. For hundreds of years, many populations have depended on different types of bread for sustenance. One of the first iterations of bread is thought to have come from prehistoric man realizing that his grain and water gruel could be easily fried on a hot stone in the fire.

These breads lacked the leavening that modern bread contains that helps it rise and is akin to the size and texture of flatbread.

Some of the most famous unleavened bread comes from the story of the Passover. When the Egyptian Pharaoh freed the Israelites, they left in such haste that they were not able to let their bread rise and so traveled with unleavened bread. This is where the Jewish Passover tradition of eating unleavened bread or matzo for eight days originated and is one of the oldest stories of bread in our oral history.

Bread — The Original Comfort Food

Who doesn’t love cutting into a freshly baked, warm loaf of bread and slathering it with before enjoying that first bite that is a mix of crunchy and the perfect crumb? Not only has bread been an accessible food for so many people for millennia, but it is also one of our favorite foods. 

Bread is everywhere, and it sometimes feels like we can’t escape it.

Iconic meals with bread:

  • Who doesn’t love croutons on a salad?
  • Crackers add the perfect crunch to a hot bowl of soup.
  • French toast would never be the same without bread.
  • A grilled cheese would just be a pile of melted cheese without a home between two toasted pieces of bread.
  • How do you sop up butter or olive oil without warm bread?
  • A taco would not be a taco without its shell.
  • What would the French even eat?

Modern Bread Puts Traditional Bread to Shame

Have no fear because modern bread is here. Science and chefs have gotten together to create a guilt-free bread that can take that entire list above and give it a run for its crunchy and fluffy money. 

Although this bread does not come in a tubular shape, it is found in a rather interesting square shape and toasts up to crunchy amazing goodness. And the real kicker is, it only has 2 carbs in a serving. 2 carbs in a serving as opposed to 15 in a single slice.

In conclusion, go ahead and make that grilled cheese. Toast those keto slices and into the perfect croutons for soup or salad. Slice them thin and bake them to make your own guilt-free chips for snacking. With keto bread, the carbs aren’t there, so neither should be the guilt. Take that guilt and throw it out the window with your old bread. It’s for the birds!

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