Healthy Breakfast Ideas Kids Love

Kids. For beings requiring so much sustenance, they sure can be picky eaters. Parents the world over can tell stories of tantrums and nasty faces made at the breakfast table since before recorded history. So, what can you do to help make sure your kids get the nutrition they need without all the fuss and fight? Well, sometimes you just have to get creative.

Kids’ growing bodies require more specific nutrition than the acreage adult will. Adults require more calories but tend to be more resilient to missing certain nutrients for a meal or two. When you are feeding your kids, you want to give them something they will like to eat that will also supply their growing bodies with what they need. Here are a few ideas you may try with your young ones.

Fruit Smoothies

While not a traditional breakfast, smoothies can pack all the necessary nutrition into a conveniently drinkable, yet delicious package. Kids love the sweetness of fruit and fruits are a spectacular source of vitamins and other things their bodies need the most to grow and thrive.

Smoothies are simple and quick to make, while also being a very healthy option that you can be sure your kids will love to have. They are also great for mornings when you may end up in a rush, as they can simply bring them along in the morning for their trip to school instead of having to sit at a table and eat.

Breakfast Granola Bars

When looking for convenient and healthy breakfast ideas, you can not overlook breakfast granola bars as a good option. These bars are made from a wide variety of ingredients, so you will definitely want to look at what is in the bars you give your kids. Some breakfast bars are no better than candy bars, packed with artificial flavors and sweeteners, while others are high in fiber and completely natural organic ingredients.

As long as you ensure that the bars are made from the right stuff, they can be a great morning alternative for your kids. To them, it is nothing more than a breakfast candy bar, and every kid would love a candy bar for breakfast. Bars are a great way to help your kids get the nutrition they need in a convenient, delicious food that they will surely love.

Breakfast Pizza

Pizza is always a hit with kids everywhere. Being such a simple food, it is also popular with parents. What makes a pizza healthy or unhealthy is a combination of the crust you bake it on and the toppings you bake onto it. So, it really is up to you how healthy it can be; only limited by your imagination.

You can buy all sorts of premade crusts or you can use other forms of bread to build your breakfast pizzas on. For example, even french toast can be used as a pizza crust, albeit a not entirely healthy one. Simply decide on what you want the crust to be and you can add whatever toppings you and your kids would like to create a simple, yet fun and potentially healthy breakfast.

These are just a few simple ideas that you could try with your kids and not much extra time or effort. As a parent, you always want what is best for your kids, and what you feed them is at the top of that list. Therefore, ensuring that they get the type of breakfast they need is one of the more important things that you will do for them. They depend on you, and you got them.

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