Get Your Favorite Candles Through a Subscription

A subscription candle box is a fun monthly treat, especially for the candle enthusiast. The best part about a candle subscription is getting to try new candles with different scents every month.

A candle subscription can provide you with a fun and exciting way to try out new candles each month to find scents that you love and enjoy.

Floral Scents

Floral scents are light and airy, happy and fun, and can fill a room with the rays of a beautiful sunny day. Some of our favorite floral aromas are:

  • Lavender — Great to promote relaxation.
  • Chamomile — Excellent for helping you fall asleep and relax.
  • Rose — The perfect scent for a beautiful powder room or a sunroom.
  • Gardenia — Use every day in spring for an invigorating pick me up.
  • Jasmine — Jasmine is a romantic scent. Perfect for a night in with SOS.

Essential Oil Scented

Essential oil scented candles may play a larger role outside of merely filling your room with a tantalizing scent. Essential oils can be blended to affect your brain in different ways. Whether to relieve anxiety, help inspire your creativity, or invigorate you. 

Essential oils can help break through mental barriers and were absolutely made to be paired with candles and their soothing flames.

Woodsy Scents

Woody scents are great for those dark and moody moments. They add a little depth and a touch of the masculine and pair well will all kinds of bouquets across the board to create the perfect homey and comfortable vibe. Especially in cooler months and around the holidays!

  • Pine
  • Fir
  • Cedar
  • Ode
  • Tobacco

Citrus Scented

Want your home to smell clean and fresh? Citrus scents will bring on the clean feel! Citrus scents invigorate you, get you excited and moving around, and make us feel happy and healthy.

  • Grapefruit — One of our favorite citrus scents, grapefruit has a tart rindy smell that can light up those olfactory glands and get you ready to take on your day.
  • Lemon — The perfect clean scent. Want guests to be envious of your clean home? Burn lemon candles when they come to visit. Even if there is a little mess here or there, they won’t pay attention because their noses will be delighted with how clean your home is!
  • Blood Orange — Blood orange is vibrant and fresh like an orange, but with sweet and tart berry-like tones. Blood oranges make you feel excited, warm, and enthusiastic. They are great for welcoming home a loved one who has been in the hospital or traveling away from home.
  • Quince — We love quince! Quince is such a bright scent blending the best scents of lemon, lemon rind, and pears. Quince is an excellent scent for helping elevate your mood and alleviating anxiety. It’s a beautiful scent for the bedroom or sitting room, any space where you might stop to relax or enjoy a good book.

Sweets Scented

Sweet scents are everywhere, and they can really liven up a space. If you’ve never tried a candle theme around a sweet scent, your nose will be in for a treat, and your stomach may just be searching the house for some hidden baked goods.

Some typical sweets Scented candles:

  • Coconut cookies — Warm, buttery, nutty, and yet summery candles made with coconut baked good scents are very dangerous to the waistline indeed. 
  • Vanilla bean — A perfectly well-rounded sweet scent for any occasion or space.
  • Cinnamon bun — This one is tempting. Where are those fresh cinnamon buns at y’all?
  • Candy scented — Who doesn’t love gummy bears!

In conclusion, no matter your favorite scents, it is worth giving a wide variety of scents a try. A candle subscription box can help you do just that. Not only will you be excited to receive your new candle each month, but you’ll have the pleasure of trying out new scents to fill your home, conveniently without ever having to leave your home.

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