Big head bandz official image in hd 2021

Big Head Bandz delivers new heat for NBA2K 2021 with Athletic Drip

Below are the lyrics to the track ‘Athletic Drip’ 

Hook: Athlete, got the swag of a athlete 
(BALLIN) Got the drip of a athlete 

Verse 1:

Look at my neck and my wrists 
Who you know get it like this 
I just pulled up on your bitch 
She think I play for the Knicks 
I got a drip like Westbrook 
I knock em out with a left hook 
Lebron James I stay paid 
Athlete of the decade 
Hit a lick make the money flip 
Abstract like I’m Q-Tip 
My Tribe on a money Quest 
Leave the city in a private Jet 
Bring em out like I’m Kevin Hart 
Real nigga bite before he bark 
Armani suits with the cufflinks 
Versace frames in a long mink 
I push the hottest cars pullin up on the jeweler 
Put my diamonds in a cooler, slick Rick I’m the Ruler 
James Harden with the Step back 
Run a pack for 100 stacks 
Same play yeah I run it back 
Move the weight like a running back 
Everyday is a upgrade 
Me and wifey on the same page 
Gabrielle, Dwayne Wade 
Young G yeah I’m self made 
Flex on these hoes, when I come out the tunnel it’s Lit 
I step on the field, yeah I’m the best and I’m rich 
Hook: Hook: Athlete, got the swag of a athlete 
(BALLIN) Got the drip of a athlete 


Boss Like Tony Montana 
Puffin cubanos under cabanas 
Money like I’m in the NBA 
Love the work even when I play 
Big cars, big guns 
Big houses I get it done 
Like my last name Mayweather 
Go broke I’m a say never 
Any game I’m a play better 
Rozay, Rich forever 
Speed boat with my name on it 
Double up put some game on it 
Never scared to put some change on it 
My son’s neck need a chain on it 
Stripper booty make it rain on it 
These streets got my fame on it 
I come from the trenches, I do this shit for real 
We come from the bottom, where we had to kill or be killed 
Hustle, Rob & steal 
TRUTH, fuck how you feel 
Everyday had a game face 
Now I’m dripping like a heavyweight 
Everyday had a game face 
Now I’m dripping like a heavy weight 
Real nigga never been fake 
Yea I got a lot on my plate 
I got a house in 5 states 
And I give after I take 
Kill this verse in 1 take 
I do not fold & won’t break 

Big Head Bandz rap delivery provides listeners with a unique message of faith, inspiration, empowerment, and opulence. Big Head Bandz’s diverse childhood and deep musical roots gives him a competitive advantage in the world of Hip-Hop. His capacity to decode the world’s deepest myths and vocalize clarity amidst human confusion.    

Big Head Bandz provides a voice to the voiceless and anchors a new breed of leadership for Millennials. His track ‘Athletic Drip’ has received critical acclaim from DJs, FM radio programmers, NBA players, and Hollywood celebrities.    

‘Athletic Drip’ is the perfect NBA2K record for basketball enthusiasts.  Big Head Bandz lyrics illuminate the lifestyle of ‘Ballers’ only.  His lyrics provide a panoramic view of success at the apex in life.    

Big Head Bandz is a Global Advocate for RADIOPUSHERS and CEO of Got Bandz Entertainment, LLC.  

Jonathan P-Wright is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream media outlets and Chief Visionary Officer of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE Magazine. 

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