An Exercise System that Actually Works

When it comes to choosing the right piece of exercise equipment, the options have perhaps never been more numerous than they are now — the market is vast, with each claiming to be the one right answer, regardless of your personal needs and level of athleticism. In fact, just researching the wide range of options available can, itself, be daunting. Now, like never before, it’s important to find the right balance between effectiveness, practicality, and simplicity. 

Additionally, with so many choosing to stay indoors and create their own home gym, the way we think about exercise programs, equipment, and how to maximize the way we use the space available to us, is all beginning to change. If the option to forego crowding our home with dumbbells, barbells, and other unwieldy tools exists then the wise choice is to go that route. 

We want modern solutions to modern problems, like how to get the most out of our limited time and space without sacrificing making real progress through our workout regimen.

A Breakthrough in Resistance Technology

With the right tools now at our fingertips, we don’t have to be a pro to exercise like one. Kayezen VECTOR’S resistance tube technology presents viable and innovative solutions for anyone looking to build strength and increase your range of motion regardless of how much free time and space is available to them. 

They’ve managed to cleverly dispense with the need to purchase multiple resistance bands or clutter your workout space with lots of large, heavy, and expensive pieces of equipment, like dumbbells and kettlebells, while replicating the same effects. The VECTOR’S dial-in system allows the user to easily and intuitively choose from between 10 and 100 pounds of resistance. With VECTOR, you can start at the weight level that’s right for you and then increase it as you continue to improve and advance toward your personal fitness goals. 

No Space? No Problem.

The folks at Kayezen truly have thought of everything. 

Making the same quality equipment available in two sizes, with VECTOR 60 being perfect for those for whom space is not an issue, while the 45 is a more compact, TSA-compliant option for those in tight spaces or on-the-go, there’s a right answer for anyone who takes their personal fitness seriously. Regardless of which pull range you choose, you’re going to get the same durable, easy-to-use technology that utilizes KEVLAR tubes to minimize snap-back and keep every rep smooth and fluid. 

Whereas a single VECTOR system offers everything you need to engage your muscles in a full-body workout from numerous angles, there’s also the option of utilizing multiple pieces of equipment to replicate just about any cable rack and pulley exercise, whether indoor or outdoor. The system quickly and easily anchors using a carabiner to anything that can accept 200 pounds of force, whether that’s a chain-link fence, a pole, or cardio equipment — whatever is available to you, wherever you feel inspired. 

Continuous Improvement

It’s difficult to predict how life will come at us, now more than ever — that’s why the Kayezen team is there to help build your overall endurance and resilience with new exercises and new challenges at a new level every day. With an app offering an initial set of free, easy-to-follow exercise ideas, you can choose your own workouts, including frequency and intensity, building your strength and endurance in the way that’s right for you.

VECTOR offers literally hundreds of exercise options using equipment that’s been purchased by everyone from amateur athletes and individuals recovering from an injury to pro athletes in Division 1 schools and all four leagues (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB), as well as training environments and physical therapy clinics. 

Whatever your fitness goals, Kayezen can help you reach them. 

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