What is Youtube Vanced and its advantages?

People are social animals. If you want to live in a society, people need to communicate with each other. To communicate with one another, people use many social media platforms. Those social media are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp, IMO, etc. They are different types of social media based on category. Some of them are video-related social media, and some of them are picture-related social media. YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms nowadays. People choose videos rather than photos or something else. So nowadays, YouTube is the most trending social media site.

Every month, more than 2 million people are signing in to YouTube with a Gmail account, and there are many more audiences who don’t use any signing system with a Gmail account. They visit YouTube without any google account. Subject to the search engine, YouTube is in the second position, where Google is in the first position.  YouTube has placed in a good position, but some features are not available in the YouTube application. You can not download your videos. You can not convert those videos into Mp3 or Mp4 versions. You can not use a background music player, which is an important feature. Thousands of such features are missing on YouTube, but Youtube Vanced is offering the same features. Youtube Vanced is ad-free and security verified, which is public demand. Many important features are available in the Youtube Vanced and all the facilities you can use for free. All the important features of Youtube Vanced are discussed below.

1. Youtube Vanced offer Ad-free YouTube video browsing:

As YouTube is the most trending social media website, many ad companies collaborate with YouTube to show their ads. YouTube add different types and length of ads. You can skip some ads, but sometimes you can not skip ads. While you are watching YouTube video streaming, it sometimes interrupts your attention, which is very annoying. By using Youtube Vanced, you can block YouTube ads for free off costs. Ad-free YouTube video streaming is one of the most demandable features of this platform. YouTube has that ad-free video streaming feature, but it is not free. It is called YouTube premium. You have to spend money for using these features, but the Youtube Vanced is giving that facility completely free. Ad-free video streaming is a mind-blowing feature for every audience who has used YouTube.

2. Youtube Vanced offer a background music playback system:

‘Background music playback system’ is such a demandable feature for any music lover. But YouTube does not offer this feature. While you will minimize your YouTube home screen, it will automatically be turned off, disturbing. But Youtube Vanced offers a background music playback system. You can able to listen to music by minimizing your home screen. You can do many things while you are listening to music, which is a very time saver. The background music player is such an attractive feature for the audience.

3. Youtube Vanced support download and converting system:

Download from YouTube is an essential feature for every user. YouTube has the save option. But you can not download any videos from YouTube. You can save your desire videos, but you can not download them. YouTube saves video option will remain only 30 days, and then it will automatically be removed by YouTube. You can convert videos from videos to the Mp3 or Mp4 version. Many of us are suffering shortage storage problem. We know that the video size is extremely large, but audio files are not as large as video. As we know, YouTube is a large platform of music playlists.  You can create a playlist by downloading the system. It is an important feature for every music lover

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