SINGLE REVIEW: Find Myself by Cliz

If there’s anything last year burdened us with, it was time. Many spent that time really taking stock of what was important to them, and no doubt a lot of people crumbled under the weight of having to confront who they are or who they’ve become. Identity is an important concept to people, and it’s especially present in the rap game. Rapper’s entire living is about who they are and the persona they project 24/7 and like any industry, it’s easy to get swept up or burnt out in music let alone life itself. Rapper Cliz covers these topics with his latest release “Find Myself.”


He really comes out of the gate running with lines like “My flow will whoop they ass with they designer belt” which has the over the top swagger we’ve come to expect from modern rappers but is almost immediately followed by Cliz asking what’s the expiration date on his relevance and that only “time will tell.” Good stuff. Cliz has this scrappy fighter quality that makes him a compelling underdog quality as he seeks to carve out his name in the rap game. I don’t really suspect he wants to be the “greatest of all time”, like Kendrick Lamar he is remaining humble, putting the pressure on himself to really hustle and work and this is an obvious declaration as such. In this barrage of lyrics, he quickly laments his peers who are only offering shallow work even bookmarking these statements with “Time to vent!”.

It’s kind of wholesome in a way to see someone really acknowledge the people who’ve helped him on his journey thus far ranging from shout-outs to his friends and girlfriend, but he never acts like he’s really made it if you want to call it that. He knows the road ahead is long and hard and he has countless competitions, but with beats this clean and a thumping bass that’ll leave your head bobbing, he shouldn’t have much to worry about. On the faster parts of his delivery, it has this manic yet controlled energy that never leaves him sounding like he’s bit off more than he can chew. He’s precise and having fun and I’d say this confidence in his words is a better brag than even his lyrical content which oscillates between being both hysterical and brutally honest.


The accompanying music video is a little bare-bones but makes the most out of its single location and stylistic flourishes to the footage even aping the look of a security monitor. It might leave a little to be desired but Cliz is having so much fun, it’s really infectious. The end of the video is a bit obvious and broad what with Cliz finding a literal version of himself shrouded in darkness, but it’s delivered so sincerely it’s hard to call it corny. Cliz has crafted something so uplifting for both himself and I’m sure for other aspiring talents like himself and I can’t wait to see where this newly realized version of himself goes from here. 

by Wyatt Kennedy

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