How Video Games Help to Increase Creativity

To succeed in the modern, ever-changing world, you need to be a creative, critical thinker. While an emphasis is often put on critical thinking, creativity is what drives innovation and helps find solutions to challenging tasks. It is also what makes life brighter and way more interesting. 

Everyone has enough potential to be creative, albeit in different ways. By improving your creativity, you are setting yourself up to enjoy amazing benefits such as stress relief, higher morale, improved mental health, better problem-solving skills, etc. And what is a better way to improve one’s creativity than playing a favorite video game?

Video games provide a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of life. They are an excellent relaxation tool for your free time while stimulating your mind. Visit the Old School Game Vault for a huge selection of games from the past and present. The debate on the benefits of video games is ever raging. Many people still have mixed feelings about the possible positive gains for players. 

Video Games and Creative Thinking

Recently, various studies have taken place to prove the positive effects of video games. Penn State University researchers have been at the forefront of these studies. Their findings are a welcome relief for video game lovers. They claim that video games enhance creativity while providing entertainment and bringing happiness.

Whether you are a student or working, some instances require creativity, and any tool that promises improved creativity is a welcome aid. Playing video games involves lowering inhibitions and opening up your mind to unimagined possibilities. 

Here is how video games can help to increase creativity.


Audio-visual games are gaining popularity over writing services like WritePaper as an excellent learning aid for students. Learning using these games helps students develop critical thinking skills. 3D video games provide an immersive learning environment to help students relate to real-life occurrences. Games like Rocket Math help learners grasp Math through fifty-six problem-solving missions.

Other games like the Assassin’s Creed have proved useful for teaching history throughout the years. Apart from providing insights into ancient Egypt, the game is a valuable aid for understanding Greek history. Seeing historic characters enacted in these games provides a memorable experience and better retention. 


Creativity is an invaluable asset to any organization, and many companies continually find ways to enhance their employees’ creative thinking skills. Workers who regularly play video games are happier and more stress-free. It is challenging to harness creativity when experiencing stress. 

Having a workplace play station for employees to play video games for a few minutes each day is one way to boost productivity and creativity. Playing games together fosters teamwork and collective thinking to find solutions to problems. It breaks perceived barriers within the team and allows timid workers to find the courage and feel free. With clear goals already in place, firms can expect faster goal realization once the benefits of video games start trickling in. 


Pursuing a sport you like can be challenging, especially when you lack the confidence and skills to play the game. With video games, you can enjoy life-like simulations that help you assume the role of a player. This involves watching your opponent’s moves and deciding what action you need to take to have an edge. 

Video games like Fifa Ultimate Team are one way to help players familiarize themselves with the sport. Players who excel in video games feel inspired to try out the real games. Likewise, video games can help encourage students to join a sport they have played virtually before. 


Making decisions requires clear thinking, and one way to enhance your decision-making skills is by playing video games. Playing these games involves fast-paced moves that need quick thinking. You have to think faster than your opponent to stand a chance at winning. Constant repetition of the process provides ample practicing time. 

Over time, a player can make great strides in their decision-making skills. These skills come in handy for various operations and activities in daily living. Players can become better drivers and experience improved multitasking capabilities. When faced with life-threatening scenarios, making timely, accurate decisions can save lives. 


While video games greatly enhance creativity, not all games are suitable for this purpose. Identifying an appropriate game is the first step to increasing creativity. Video games are also very addictive, and you need to take care not to fall into addiction. Spending too much time playing is counterproductive. To get the best out of video games, you need less than an hour of practice. As gaming technology gains popularity, video games remain trendy and an effective way to boost your creativity.

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