What Are the Different Types of Golf Games?

The various golf game formats ensure that the play never gets old and no two days are identical. You may find it confusing when initially encountering the game names or watching the competition as a beginner. The following information lists some different golf games that you can learn about and implement on your next visit to the greens. You may also book UK golf breaks with golf holidays direct

Before starting with the game kinds, let us first look at the two main formats that tend to characterize a few other styles:

• Stroke Play – Counts every single stroke and sums up the back nine and front nine strokes for the aggregate score to par when you finish the round.

• Match Play – It is a game where the player with the best score at every hole wins it. You go head-to-head with your competitor, and the one with the most holes, in the end, wins the tournament.

Alternate Shot

When it comes to golf games for foursomes, the Alternate Shot format offers an exciting option. It features teams consisting of two participants, with the teammates alternating the shots at every hole throughout the 18 holes.

For example, you have golfer’s X and Y on the same team: At the starting hole, Player X drives from the tee, Y hits the next shot, X takes the third, and then Y finally puts it in. They switch, and Y starts by teeing off at the second hole, X hits the subsequent shot, Y hits the third, and so forth.


This golf game format is prevalent in fund events and friendly tournaments since it features relaxed rules. You can put aside concerns about individual scores because you or the organizers can modify the informal guidelines, removing in-game pressure.

Scramble involves a team of 2 to 4 players where every member utilizes his or her ball during the full game. After the first tee shots, the team leaders choose the best hit from their team’s efforts, and then each member plays their next shot from that chosen spot. Upon completing the initial round, the team takes another stroke, picks one location, and hits the ball from there.

This process carries on until the teams complete all the holes. It is essential to note that you can place the ball within a club’s length of the best shot’s mark but not have it closer to the hole. Typically, players play this format as a stroke play event where the team with the fewest cumulative shots taken at the close of 18 holes determines the winner.


Four-Ball is another selection from golf games for foursomes, requiring teams of two. You can enjoy this format because it utilizes an improved scoring system and is compatible with either stroke or match play. During the game, every competitor plays his or her ball throughout the contest.

The least scoring member’s score at a single hole translates as the team’s score in stroke play. Subsequently, the ultimate winner is the side possessing the lowest results in total.

When using match play, the player with the least score gains a point for his or her team closure of every single hole. At the round’s conclusion, the team having the majority of points secures the win.

Ryder Cup

This international tournament occurs between the United States and the United Kingdom over three days. The format features two teams containing 12 golfers each, and they play a set of 8 Four-Ball matches, 8 Alternate Shot matches, and 12 singles games. It runs each game as match play and awards a point for each contest won, with the team collecting the highest returns upon completion winning.

Additional Fun Games

You can incorporate a few golf outing games that combine amusement and some competitive edge. Different games such as Marshmallow drive and Frisbee golf can also offer valuable entertainment for attendees who want a break from watching the game. Other plays such as the Wheel of Fortune and Cone Game are ideal in adding a competitive adage among the golfers.

• Wheel of Fortune – You split the wheel’s selections into beneficial ones and silly suggestions to make it enjoyable. For instance, you can put options starting from “Hole-in-one” and “Advance to the green to putt” to “Do 10 sit-ups before you tee off” and “Drive with a putter.”

• Cone Game – Place three cones at varying ranges, such as one around 10-ft putt on the green, 50-yards from the green, and 150-yards from the green. Depending on the tournament type and participants, you can set a price at each station and have two volunteers at the tee box to sell these distances to the players. The costs can vary so that you have $10 at the 150-yard station, $25 on the green, and $25 at the 50-yard cone, making the competition fun with some of the best golf rangefinder


As shown, the various golf game formats incorporate different styles and rules that always make the sessions attractive. There is a choice for everyone, from the adjustable Scramble format to the Ryder Cup in international tournaments. Using this information, you can quickly advance your golf knowledge and guide your friends, even if you are new to the golf course.

Reading through this article, you no longer need to wonder why attendees clap after a player takes a shot nor wait to get a physical tag to take a hit when playing with your friends. Additionally, learning some casual golf outing games like the Wheel of Fortune ensures you can entertain both the golfers and observers with free and paying games.

Find more games at Golf Clubs Guru to learn further about life on the green course and help you modify and upgrade your next outing.

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