Gigg CEO Scott Warner Helps Brands Convert Followers Into Leads and Sales in a Novel Way

Every brand needs a strong and engaging social media following if it wants to get more leads and sales. That is something Gigg CEO, Scott Warner realized years ago. He has been working to help brands do this ever since. As a social media expert himself, Scott Warner has researched and developed many ways to help companies and influencers build their brand using social media. After trial-and-error of a number of methods, he finally found a winning formula for success that has helped many brands and continues to do so.

Gigg is an online software platform that helps businesses and influencers convert their followers into leads and sales. Lead generation is a major component of marketing today, and those who can get more leads often see their revenues increase. Gigg’s software has developed winning strategies and tools that have been delivering big when it comes to converting followers into leads and sales.

The tools Gigg provides help people attract and engage followers on their own websites, helping to turn those followers into both quality leads and loyal fans. As a devoted family man, Scott sees social media followings as giant families. When you have a brand that has developed a family and community, you want to make sure you nurture and cultivate it in a way that makes everyone feel included and appreciated. 

There are four major components of the Gigg strategy that Scott has defined:

  • Define – Define a deliberate social strategy that drives your business.
  • Expand – Expand your community to increase engagement and drive content.
  • Convert – Leverage your content and social activity to increase revenue.
  • Drive – Make informed business decisions that are driven by robust data and analytics.

Gigg offers a stand out to other social branding companies, the Competition Engine. Early on in his career, Scott figured out an easy and effortless ways for brands to attract new followers and increase website traffic while simultaneously growing brand awareness: the use of competitions. That discovery led to the creation of an automated competition engine. 

The Gigg Competition Engine has three primary competition types that cover a wide range of scenarios, giving brands flexibility in how they engage with both present and future customers on social media, along with interaction directly on their websites. 

For example, Gigg has run competitions with artists like Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Maroon 5, and a number of other mainstream acts allowing artists to compete for a chance to open on stage for touring artists. Gigg launched a competition that held the promise of winning participants getting free concert tickets or a new signed album By Robin Thicke. Fans would lay out their own images or videos over Robin Thicke lyrics from a new single he had recently released, while later uploading them to Facebook and Twitter. The Competition Engine gives people like music artists a tremendous amount of exposure, as well as other brands involved in the competition. It’s a novel marketing approach to promoting the latest from a brand.

Scott has helped numerous brands convert their followers into leads and sales, and plans to roll out even more unique ways to maximize those conversions in the future.

To learn more about Gigg, you can head to its website. You can also follow Scott Warner on Instagram @scottwarner18.

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