Tips to nail your edible dosage

Edibles are popularly called the last great frontiers of marijuana recreation and have existed for a long time. While edibles are amazing, getting the right dose might still be difficult for many of us. This is why we have brought you tried and tested tips that will help you in getting the dose right with edibles.

These tips are essential for those who are new to the world of edibles. Before we get started, it is vital to ask yourself if you have a considerate experience of getting high with cannabis products. This experience will be beneficial in telling you how and what to do when enduring a troublesome event.

1.  Listen to your body.

The variables that alter the effectiveness of cannabis products include body mass, metabolism, age, gender, and body chemistry. With the exception of gender (in most cases), they all tend to change with time. This means that the dosage that has previously worked well might not give the same effect this time since your body has changed.

2.  Do not consume edibles on an empty stomach.

This is probably the simplest yet the most important of all the tips. Edibles are usually treated like pain killers, and it is recommended never to have them on an empty stomach. Always have some food before you consume. This is similar to alcohol when you want to have something before you drink so that you do not feel any harsh effects quickly or too strongly.

3.  Pay close attention to milligrams.

Many people think that a unit or a dose of THC is equal to 10 milligrams. It is important to remember that when you are dosing through edibles, drinks, or tinctures, you should calculate the portion of activated THC present in each piece or block. For instance, if a 100-milligram chocolate edible bar is split into ten pieces, then each such piece or block contains 10 milligrams of activated THC.

4.  Different brands have different consistencies.

It should not be surprising to know that your body reacts differently to different brands of edibles. This is nothing but the work of consistency. If somebody finds a 10-milligram gummy bear infused with edibles enjoyable, it is because it is consistent with the dosage, and they are aware of how their body reacts. Thus, it becomes their go-to brand. Therefore, try your luck with different brands and find the one that works wonders for you.

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5.  Have patience

The key to having fun with edibles lies in patience. Always start slow, take in small amounts, and wait for about 45 minutes to see how you feel. Some edibles might even take longer for the effects to kick in. You might want to refer to the ‘activation time’ mentioned on the products to understand how long this particular brand will need.

6.  Edibles offer a different kind of high.

Do not assume that you would be able to manage the highs of an edible well. Even for a heavy smoker, smoking a gram and a half or two grams of concentrate per day via quality edibles like Budmail can be challenging. This is because our stomach lacks membranes on the lining, and thus the highs usually get intensified. So, if you think that your tolerance to smoking pot is high, it is time you rethink. 

What to do if you get too high?

Do not worry about it. The moment you realize that you have gotten too high, try to relax, breathe in and out several times, and remind yourself that nobody has ever died from a marijuana overdose. A few extra grams will not land you in the ICU. It can be a challenging situation, but it will definitely pass. It is recommended to follow the aforementioned tips while consuming edibles and enjoy getting high without any mishaps.

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