8 Benefits of Wearing Invisalign Braces

Invisalign is a plastic brace that you can wear on your teeth to shape them into a straight line. Unlike traditional brace, it does not have any metal bracket or wire. Many people have opted to go with Invisalign plastic brace due to the many benefits it offers. The following are 8 benefits of wearing Invisalign braces.

1. Aesthetic Appearance

The Invisalign tray is made of clear plastic material that is custom mold to fit your teeth. People can’t see that you are wearing braces from far away. It is the perfect solution if you don’t want people to take photos of you showing that you are wearing braces on the teeth. You will be able to smile confidently in front of a public audience with the Invisalign braces. Get more details on Invisalign Birmingham braces at One Devonshire Place, 679 Pershore Road, Selly Park, Birmingham, B29 7NR.

2. Improve Your Oral Hygiene

Invisalign aligners can improve oral hygiene since you can remove it to brush all your teeth properly. It also prevents food bits from stuck in between your teeth when you are wearing an aligner. The aligners can be washed in warm water when it is dirty.

3. Comfortable to Wear

Invisalign aligners are more comfortable since you don’t have to wear it for the whole day. It does not put a lot of pressure on the teeth and gum-like metal braces. It exerts only a little pressure on the teeth and gum to slowly shift them into a straight line. It does not have any sharp edges that can hurt your gum.

4. Improve Teeth Alignment

Invisalign aligners can improve the alignment of your teeth so that you have better overall dental health. Bite problems that are not treated promptly can lead to cavities, swollen gum, enamel wearing out, and difficulty in eating. The dentist will prescribe a few aligners for you to take home. After a specified period, the dentist will check the progress of your teeth and create a new set of aligners for you to take home. The aligner trays are all numbered to allow for easy tracking.

5. Does Not Put Restriction on Your Favorite Food

There is no restriction on what type of food you can eat. Doctors always advised against eating chewing, hard, and sticky food when you wear metal braces. With Invisalign plastic aligners, you can eat these foods since you can remove the tray from your teeth.

6. Easy to Maintain

It is easy to maintain an Invisalign aligner. Every morning, you simply need to take out the tray to wash. First, you soak in a denture cleaner. After that, you can add some antibacterial solution to the tray and use a soft-bristled brush to clean away the small particles. The tray can become dirty with saliva which serves as a breeding ground for bacteria while you are sleeping.

7. Treatment is Under Supervision of a Dentist

Invisalign orthodontics is carried out under the monitoring of a dentist. The dentist will let you see a virtual image of your teeth so that you know how your teeth look when the treatment is completed. Every 6 weeks or so, you are supposed to go back to the dental clinic to get a new Invisalign tray. Your teeth will shift into a straighter line after some time so you need to change a new Invisalign tray. You can swap out the aligner yourself at home without having to visit the dental office.

8. Lesser Time on the Treatment

It takes less time to straighten your teeth when you are wearing the invisible teeth aligner. You need to wear it for at least 10 months to straighten your teeth to see results. Some people prefer to wear it for up to 2 years to ensure the teeth get straightened permanently. If you wore braces before when you were younger, you only need the invisible teeth aligner for 10 weeks.

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