Ways To Boost Your NEET Preparation

You are reading this because you certainly are aiming for a good rank at NEET. For achieving top grades, exam mindset has a huge role to play. Making smart decisions is vital to develop a positive exam mindset and the basis of it stems from the decision to succeed. 

One of the most important aspects of the preparation of any exam is revision. Students start brushing learned concepts from the moment they enrol for NEET by taking up NEET registration. Revisions invoke you to re-think about concepts, open up to different possibilities, recapitulate information. Revisions, if not done the way they should, can prove to be mere reading and of no help.

In this article, we cover the important facets of revisions, probable areas where you possibly might be going wrong with your revisions and tips you can follow to re-energize your revision sessions. Read on.

Signs You Might Be Revising The Incorrect Way

Apart from helping one to revisit topics, facts and methodologies, revisions also increase confidence amongst students and reduce the level of anxiety. Few of the signs indicating you might be revising the incorrect way are as below:

1. Learned concepts do not seem to stay for long in your memory

2. You see no improvement in scores in the NEET mock tests you take up.

3. You find revising a more tedious task than learning a new concept

4. All at sea regarding the cracking of NEET

5. Making efforts to revise, but do not know the right way

6. Finding it hard to concentrate

7. Revising is the least interesting part of learning

8. Difficulty reprising information

If you face one or more of these issues, your approach towards revising needs to be checked. Getting an early start is essential for revisions to be substantive. Revisions are an ongoing process, meaning you do not have to complete a certain milestone to be able to revise. At the back of your minds, subconsciously, you are still reiterating some bits of information.

To help you up your game with revisions, we have briefed a few techniques you can follow to invigorate NEET preparation. Take a look:

Revision Techniques to Revitalize Your NEET Preparation

1. Prepare handy notes

A great way to condense lots of information, that is probably irrelevant for NEET is through the preparation of your own notes. This handy resource causes you to revisit information again and again for its simplicity, ease of understanding. Also, self-written notes or handwritten notes are more effective and improves learning.

2. Read, remember, reiterate

Traditional revision involves this cycle. Read a topic thoroughly, try to remember the facts and information in place. Keep the book away and try to reiterate what you learned.

3. Write it down

Most of us make the mistake of merely learning and skimming through topics. Make efforts to write and practice. Revising this way is beneficial.

4. Revise and understand

While revising, understand the topic, pick suitable questions on it and comprehend what the question is asking to accordingly apply your learning.

5. Make revisions interesting

Use post-its, foldable revision prompts, to make revisions more interesting. You may also solve NEET mock tests, use flashcards, spider grams and introduce interesting ways of learning and revising.

This was brief on revision techniques for NEET preparation. Explore more interesting topics on NEET by subscribing to BYJU’S YouTube Channel.

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