Types of Cuban Link Chains for Men

When you think about those classic, chunky gold chains, you’re likely thinking about a Cuban link chain. The primary advantage of this versatile chain is that you can use it as an everyday accessory. It’s also very easy to incorporate it into any style.

Cuban link bracelets can be made either big and chunky or delicate and thin. They can likewise have large links to hold gemstones or sleek links with little to no jewels. In short, Cuban link bracelets have a lot more variety than just the commonly known big and bold style.


A way to differentiate the types of Cuban link bracelets is through their material and color. As numerous classics do, Cuban bracelets for men look stunning in a wide range of metals. When you want to purchase jewelry, you must understand what makes up your accessory. Choose a jeweler that only makes use of high-quality materials and fine valuable metals.

Solid Gold

If you plan on wearing your bracelet frequently, as far as durability is concerned,  solid gold is the best option. Although plated gold chains are less expensive, the plating will fade due to daily wear after some time. Once the metal underneath pops out, you will need to turn the chain in for replating to restore its color.

On the other hand, you can also opt for hollow gold chains, wherein the chains are more lightweight than solid gold bracelets of the same size. Hollow chains are more affordable; however, there are a couple of potential issues in using them. Hollow chains can easily break, and once that occurs, the chain is nearly impossible to fix.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver  is an excellent metal. It’s relatively simple to clean, it is hypoallergenic, and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Jewelers can form it into a wide variety of designs, which means everybody can find one to their liking. It’s also a great piece for both special occasions and everyday wear.


Bronze is a composite made of tin and copper. It has a beautiful warm golden tone and is a cheaper option than 14 or 10k gold. Brass is fundamentally the same as bronze yet has a more pronounced yellow tone. Both metals are sturdy, simple to clean, and can last for quite a long time with proper use. They are also excellent materials for affordable yet lovely jewelry.

One thing to remember is that these metals’ copper substance can oxidize when in contact with skin oils. The oxidation can create a greenish coat of copper carbonate on your skin. Fortunately, bracelets provide sufficient air circulation between the bracelet and your wrist, so they should have slight to no oxidation.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a popular material used to make Cuban link bracelets. Its popularity is due to its affordability and durability and its resistance to tarnishing, corroding, rusting, and discoloring. In any case, ensure you inquire as to whether your bracelet contains nickel before buying it to steer clear of allergic reactions.


In copper’s purest form, it is durable but not solid enough to use for jewelry. Due to this, jewelers mix copper with different metals such as zinc and tin to strengthen it. As an alloy, it is stable and can last very well for a long time, despite everyday wear.

Since copper is sturdy, it’s an excellent option for jewelry metal. Copper won’t rust over time; instead, it will build up a characteristic green patina. The development of a greenish layer is due to copper’s oxidation and the chemical reaction that changes its color.


Nickel has a silvery-white tone and can have a brilliant gold tinge. It is both ductile and malleable, as jewelers can mold it into the shape they want without trading off its strength and durability. Nickel is likewise resistant to corrosion; thus, jewelers commonly mix it into valuable metals like karat gold.

Many jewelers prefer nickel silver as a base metal compound containing copper, nickel, and zinc. Nickel silver is an affordable alloy that is cheaper than sterling silver. Its primary advantage is that jewelers can add texture to it to create extra dimension and depth into a piece.


Aside from your bracelet’s quality and material, a great way to differentiate the types of Cuban link bracelets is its chain size. The chain size of your bracelet is solely dependent on your specific taste. However, it is better to wear numerous, smaller chains than one massive “kilo” chain.

A lot of 18k Cuban link bracelets are 12 millimeters  in width and weigh .13 kg. The standard wideness of Cuban link bracelets for men is somewhere between 8-12mm. Moreover, a decent length is somewhere in the range of 18-22 inches.


The most attractive feature of a classic jewelry style is that you can rely on it to never go out of style, and such is the case for Cuban link bracelets. The solid outline of a classic Cuban link bracelet is the ideal statement piece. Its appearance allows you to either wear it however you want. In a way, it permits you to be true to your style as you need it.

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