Where and how to promote your Discord Server right now

Promoting your Discord server is not only important but absolutely necessary to grow your presence. The most popular discord servers are always firing all cylinders, which means taking advantage of social media, discord server lists, bots, channel partners, and offering member incentives. This inclusive list will take a deep look at some of the best channels and avenues to do so:


Before you start, make sure you spend the time to prepare promotional materials. This includes having your server one-liner, short paragraph, and possibly even as a few paragraphs ready and at hand. You want to make sure these server introductions are concise and to the point. Anybody should quickly be able to tell what your server is about and how it is different. You will likely also want to prepare banner images available to upload and also hosted as a URL. Spend the time to work on these materials, it will help you attract your intended audience.


There are many server listing websites. Disboard is one of the most popular ones for good reason – it was made to make everyone enjoy Discord more. Simple as that. No advertising, no scams, no loop holes, no weird stuff. The Disboard website has a clean layout and interface, it has one very simple mechanic where discord users can bump a server on Disboard giving the server more visibility on the Disboard website. Coming up with the right messaging or server incentivizes so your discord members will bump your server on Disboard is the key here. This website alone can attract a large crowd to your website, it also wouldn’t hurt to have your members submit reviews of your server either to help improve the visibility and trust of your server.


If Disboard.org is the most popular server listing site, Top.gg, is probably right behind if not just as popular. Top.gg permits both discord server and bot listings. It also incorporates a user voting mechanism to allow servers to demonstrate its popularity. Top.gg is different vs. Disboard.org in that Top.gg also allows for paid promotions in the form of an auction system. Advertising spots are offered to the highest bidding server owner.

L00t Bot

L00t is one of the few Discord games designed to help Discord servers grow their audience. The game of L00t encourages players to explore other discord servers. Adding the game to your server incorporates your server into the game and in return allows it to promote your server to the wider L00t community. The key thing to focus on is how you interact with the new comers at your server. L00t is a fun game to help make them feel welcome and not just at another server.


Reddit has two particular subreddits /r/discordservers and /r/advertiseyourserver allowing the promotion of discord servers. The former is much more popular and has many postings each day. It’s completely free to post at these subreddits, the only restriction is that you must be promoting a discord server. Often times some quality users will come through this channel, having a set schedule where you post to these subreddits is worthwhile if the task can be delegated to another admin or moderator.

Social Media Partners

Social media partners can make or break your discord server. This includes any person or entity with huge a number of Instagram or Twitter followers, popular streamers, or other followings where traffic can be directed at your website. How your partnership could work really depends on a case by case scenario. Usually it is some form of I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine, there are often many win/win scenarios as your other partners are also hoping to increase their visibility and exposure.

Discord Server Partners

Server partners tend to be easier to arrange than social media partners because they are more straightforward to pitch. There are several ways discord servers can partner with one another, this can be in the form of discord server rings where a group of servers all promote each other. It could also be in the form of a dedicated discord server channels for sharing of other similar cool servers.  Usually joining other servers and asking the admin about partnerships is the way to go.

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