How AI Changes Our Lives Now and in the Future

We have come a long way, and yet it feels like the destination is a long way off. At least, that’s what it feels like when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. We have already done so much with AI– smartphones, chatbots, facial recognition systems, etc.– but is it possible that we can outdo ourselves again? Based on track record, that is what we expect to happen. Yes, it inspires both fear and excitement, but probably more of the latter.

How AI is Changing How We Live Now

Truth be told, AI has become as universal as man himself. Everywhere you go, you see its fingerprints all over, whether that’s using a smartphone or trying to follow the directions of a chatbot. 

AI is also changing the game as we speak in the field of medicine. At the disposal of doctors and health-care professionals are the advanced imaging machines and scanners that detect even the most minuscule changes in the human body. From detecting possible ailments, AI has also come a long way in helping patients recover.

Because of the advances in AI, getting lost is no longer an option! The GPS system is so extensive that you can determine your exact location in seconds, within an allowable error of a couple of meters. Moreover, the transport industry is taking advantage of AI to ensure safe trips.

Another very intriguing way that Artificial Intelligence is changing our lives is in data and information extraction. Information extraction is the process of obtaining structured content from a mountain of unstructured data. For example, let’s say a newspaper published a story about a terrorist attack. Because of AI, we can now automatically extract the data from that particular event such as the number of victims, time, the number of perpetrators, and so forth. 

Yes, Artificial Intelligence helps you find a specific needle in a specific haystack. That’s what you call convenience.

How AI Will Change How We Live in the Future

When it comes to technology as dynamic as Artificial Intelligence, the possibilities are literally endless! Consider these scenarios:

  • Personalized Medicine. The healthcare niche is of particular interest here because of obvious reasons. But is it possible that AI completely changes the game as far as medicine is concerned? What if, through Artificial Intelligence, doctors could adapt medicine and treatment specifically for your age, genetic makeup, lifestyle, and so forth? 
  • Auto-transportation. Driverless cars are already here, but is it possible that the whole human race completely makes the shift? Think about this: AI drivers would never commit mistakes humans drivers make such as talk on the phone or argue with someone in the backseat. 

A complete shift is not outside the realm of possibility. Auto transportation in the form of driverless trains is already in place in some countries such as Japan’s transit rail network in Kobe and France’s Lille Metro. And Boeing is sinking its teeth into further developing their Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Change is indeed coming, friends!

  • Custom Movies. This scenario is straight-up borne out of a mad scientist’s lab but really, is it possible that we can sit on our couches and make custom movies with virtual actors? You probably can’t imagine the possibility of Hollywood without Leonardo DiCaprio or Scarlett Johanssen, but man, custom movies would be cool!


“With great power comes great responsibility.” Harnessing such powerful technology as Artificial Intelligence is a tremendous undertaking, but think about how it is making our lives easier now and what it would be like in the future. If anything will ever come close to reinventing the wheel, Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to do it.

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