What is incense burning and how can you burn them?

Incense has traditionally been used for various religious, shamanic and spiritual rituals. 
Today there is a huge variety of incense available in different shapes: sticks, cones, herbs, beads, resin or granules. The ways to burn them are equally diverse: in an oil burner with coal, in a burner with a sieve, on a charcoal, incense plate, cone burner, terracotta dish or in an abalone shell. 
But what is the difference between all these types of incense and how can you best burn them? 

You can make a good choice in what is the most pleasant way of burning incense for you. Burning incense is of course very personal! A scent that is pleasant for one person may be perceived by another as too light or too heavy.
It can be nice to try different types of incense or ways of burning incense so that you can discover the most pleasant experience for yourself.   
Of course it is impossible to convey the “real” experience of burning incense via a screen, for this a personal trial is a must. 

Synthetic incense is generally heavier and more pungent than natural incense. 
Natural incense does not contain synthetic fragrances and is therefore generally perceived as softer and more pleasant. But that is very different per incense as well as per person.

Backflow Incense Burner

Backflow incense cones are special cones with a hole at the bottom. Through this hole (and a small piece of physics) the smoke of the incense does not go up (as with normal cones) but it flows down. In combination with special backflow incense burners, this creates a spectacular effect. These special backflow incense burners are made in such a way that the incense flows down through special designs like a kind of magical waterfall. This gives a special and soothing visual effect. 

Use of backflow incense burner:

You use backflow incense as follows.
Light the top of the cone and make sure that the flame ignites about 0.5 cm (about the tip) of the cone. When the tip of the cone (to approximately where the straight part of the cone starts) is red hot, the cone burns well enough to continue burning itself. 
Then place the cone in the iron holder, where the hole at the bottom of the cone fits well with the hole in the iron holder. The smoke will flow through here, so it is important that those 2 fit together well. The smoke needs a few minutes to flow down, so it is normal that this does not happen immediately. After a few minutes you will see that the fog effect really occurs!
There is a huge variety of incense and just as many ways to apply it. We realize that there is much more to tell about this. However, we hope that with this explanation of backflow incense burner you may got a little bit of clarity about the incense burning and how you can use backflow burner along its applications. 

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