When are you retiring, or rather how old are you? When employed, we wake up to deliver the best and quality work to earn a living, and when our time comes to retire, we need to give space to the more reproductive population. Employers have come up with a support system where they support their employees when they are retired through pensions, which is done periodically. Pensions are meant to help the elderly formerly employed members of society to finance their basic needs. Pension plans are benefits that involve the payment of individuals with a fixed sum of money. There is a severance payment paid to employees in a whole sum and is fixed and cashed out when employees’ employment is involuntarily terminated before they retire. Mis-sold pensions involve individuals withdrawing their hard earned money and investing it in unstable business plans, which leads to considerable losses in the long run. One should ensure they have expert advice when handling any financial decisions to prevent poor financial decision making. Retirement benefits are paid out by the employer, various insurance companies, government, and the signed-in trade unions. The employer creates employable pensions, and they are meant to help their employees when they retire directly.


Retirement pension plans are usually payments made to former retired employees to help them have a source of income when they cannot secure steady and well-paying employment. It requires payments from both the employer and the employee to contribute towards the savings scheme before retirement.

Usually, funds are taxed by the government and the relevant financial institutions, but pensions are usually untaxed because it is a savings plan. The funding is from the various government institutions, individually funded schemes, or the member trade and labor unions. The separately funded retirement plans include finances from the employing companies and individuals who actively contribute from their paychecks. The employers direct the funds to the employee’s retirement plan. The money is tax-free as being an agreed-upon term due to the nature of the savings plan. The government facilitates the military personnel retirement plan in any country, and if the military passes on, the money is continually paid to the wife.


Most of the world’s countries have a working system where they have created a fund scheme for their citizens that provide for their income when they retire from stable employment. To qualify to enjoy the benefits, one has to contribute towards the pension scheme in their working age. The social pension is allocated to the elderly members of the society and is tax-free. Payment of the social benefits to the more senior society members is made to all the individuals without considering factors like their stable income, the number of assets they have, or an existing employment record. When age catches up, individuals no longer have the energy to engage in money-earning activities actively; hence the government came up with the scheme to ensure this vulnerable population can easily access basic needs like food, health care, and clothing. When in the working bracket, ensure that you contribute actively to the pension plans to secure an easy transition when eventually you retire. Pension plans have the inclusion of providing for their employees if they suffer any disability. It is provided as an early retirement benefit entry even before the typical age of retirement.


According to the determined benefits, the retirements are defined as the defined benefits or the determined contributions. The defined benefit plans have a guaranteed amount of payment when individuals retire and are dependent on the amount of contribution made by the employee in reference to the number of working years. There is a fixed formula used to make deductions from an employee’s salary and is not dependent on the return of investments.

The social security pension plan by the government is administered by the relevant institutions, including large businesses and the government. Payments are done mostly monthly, and the higher the number of years of employment, the higher the amount of pension and vice versa. The defined contribution plan provides retirement payments, which depend on the total amount of funds contributed and the vehicles’ performance level when working. The hybrid plans usually have characteristics of the defined contribution and benefit plan and are adopted in various companies and countries. Pension plans help maintain a good standard of living even after retirement, and individuals can fund events for unexpected expenses. Investing in a good pension plan acts as a security plan in the future.

In conclusion, pension plans include payment of a fixed amount of money, mostly monthly, paid to the retired employees. Some individuals may choose to withdraw their money and start businesses, which are investments meant to continue their income sources. Unplanned and poorly researched investments may lead to losses. The various employers use a fixed formula to deduct the amount of contribution directed to funding and supporting the pension plans. Depending on the number of employment years and the amount of salary determines the pension one receives when they retire.

The higher the amount of money contributed and the number of working years, the more pension and vice versa. Pensions are a stable savings plan, and people can choose to have early retirement hence having their payments done earlier. The government has a social security plan that provides a certain amount of money to the senior members of the society, which helps them acquire their basic needs without depending on assistance from family and well-wishers. When in the working bracket years, ensure you actively contribute towards your retirement pension plan to ensure an easy transition from working to retirement.

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