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The Opposite Of Sad-Considering his Heartbreaks as his motivation.

There are two ways in which the universe works. First, you can sit down and suffer from your depression, rejection, and competition. Second, you can hit harder than your depression, competition, and rejections. Some weak people take these heartbreaks and depression as their hurdles, but few stubborn people take these as their deep motivation and inspiration.

An American artist with a unique name, “The Opposite Of Sad,” considered his struggles and competition as his deep motivation. He was addicted to drugs, alcohol, and smoking, and he took all of these as his motivation and inspiration. During his music career, he got rejected by the girl he loved the most. He started to get haunted by his memories from the past. He didn’t let his heartbreaks be the reason for his downfall. He worked hard while remembering all those bullying and breakups and tried his best to motivate himself.


The Opposite of Sad was born in Log Angeles. He got his trademark tattoo from San Diego. He once said in an interview that you get a lot of adrenaline when you are getting a tattoo on your face so that you don’t feel much of the pain. He said that I loved that tattoo because it fits on the current stage of the whole world. He belonged to a poor family, and they were always facing struggles to meet their essential needs. When he joined the school, his parents advised him to join the local school band to help them pay his school fees. He used to play Alto and Sax in that music band.

Facing the demons:

When he played for his school band, he could not make friends as everyone around him used to bully him for his appearance and music skills. He happens to have a girlfriend during his high school days, and he loved that girl the most. Things started to get rough as everyone around the school started to make fun of both of them because of their relationship. His girlfriend could not bear all that, and she decided to break up with him.

He started to think that he should quit his music career and start to live everyday life. His family and some loyal friends motivated him because of his rare talent. He used to cry in his bathroom, and he started doing drugs to get rid of memories from the past that started to haunt him during the night. He could not sleep for weeks because of messed up thoughts.

Getting his trademark tattoo:

Once he got some drug mushrooms from his friend, he used all of them. He was high as a kite, and he decided to get a tattoo. He went to San Diego. He was lying down when he heard a whisper from the universe that said, “it is fucked up, but it is true.” At that moment, he decided to get that tattoo on his forehead as it suited right on the current situation of his whole life.

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