SINGLE REVIEW: Die [Alone] by Vianchi

Springfield , MA based Singer, Vianchi, has sauntered onto the scene with a slick and sensual new single, “Die [Alone].” Following that description, you wouldn’t have expected such a disquieting title. That is however, what makes the contrasting element to Vianchi, an intriguing one. Vianchi has up to this point, maintained something of a low profile, but that could all be about to change. “Die [Alone]” is destined to get him noticed, for the right and wrong reasons. 


Boasting an impressive and smooth falsetto, Vianchi’s delivery is going to incite accusers of his sound, being less than original. Of course, this is being based off of an isolated track, and as in most cases, will be presumptuous. In the interest of prudence, “Die [Alone]” should be critiqued on its own merit, as it is a well composed, and performed song. Notably, “Die [Alone]” does not so much carry a message, as it is a declaration/statement, or does it? Could this ultimately be a cautionary message by Vianchi, either by design or example?

“Die [Alone]” is essentially Vianchi’s musical aversion to making any sort of commitment to another person. His priorities lie in what he wants, and not who he wants. I’ve never been the one/anyone could tame/but girl/you’re not the one to blame. Vianchi dresses things up a bit of course, but he is quite matter of fact, in his point. He is curt to the point of being icy, and is sure to leave little room for interpretation. 

VIANCHI - Die [Alone] (Official Music Video)

You could also pose the question on whether or not, Vianchi is clarifying his inability, or unwillingness to participate in anything, monogamous. He wants the subject in the song, to know that he knows himself, and some things are not applicable to change. He does a masterful job at being uncaring, yet sympathetic, as the character he portrays has likely had to break many hearts in his path. He’s cool, detached, and his well-developed voice gives “Die [Alone]” every ounce of flavor it needs. Some won’t admit it, but from a musical standpoint, you are going to like “Die [Alone],” whether you want to or not. 

Brackets are typically used to indicate a word or phrase, not actually spoken by the author/speaker, but inferred. It seems to indicate that one of Vianchi’s past love interests, made a prediction in regards to his fate. He came to embrace the concept, and chose to be empowered by it. In a genre that is often considered to be somewhat self-aggrandizing, Vianchi goes a different direction, and accepts responsibility, for his selfishness. He also makes it clear, that in order to create the reality he craves, selfishness is mandatory, and compromise, is off the table. 

The irrevocable truth here is that Vianchi has offered us a well-produced track, that hits all the right notes, no pun intended. His voice is undeniable , and his charisma is subtle. The lyrics on “Die [Alone]” wouldn’t necessarily lead you to label him as a wordsmith, but they are direct, and they get the message, across. This looks to be just the beginning for him, and while he will face inevitable scrutiny, it need not derail any potential momentum. They say difficult roads, lead to beautiful destinations; but so too, can lonely ones. 

By Mark Ryan

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