Catching up with Virginia Mason Richardson – Queen of Synchronicities

1. Welcome Virginia! We are excited to chat with you. For those that aren’t familiar will you share a little more about yourself and your story of where you began your career and where you are now? 

Sure! And thanks for having me.

I’m the writer and creator of The Magic Guide and also recently finished writing my first book, a memoir titled Synchronicities. My career path has been strange and magical to say the least, and my intuition has led me every step of the way.

In 2016, I was working in real estate development when one day I woke up for work and felt this huge rush of energy in my body. I just knew I could not go back. The environment was incredibly toxic, and that morning, something in me broke and said “no more.” So I just never went back.
At that point, I’d been actively exploring my intuition for a couple of years, but that moment in 2016 was really the turning point when my exploration went from being a part-time passion to a full-time pursuit. After leaving my job, I built my own business helping other people trust their intuition, finished writing a book, and launched The Magic Guide. After three years of working with clients, I felt a similar rush of energy one day that told me to stop working with clients and to focus exclusively on writing, so these days, that’s what I do. I live my life fully immersed in my intuition, following it, and writing about what I uncover.

For example, last night I dreamt about science research being conducted by the government, and at the end of the dream I was handed a brochure that said “1972 Kennedy” on it. So this morning, I researched 1972 Kennedy and learned that in 1972, Ted Kennedy helped pass the National Science Policy and Priorities Act. Prior to this dream, I have no memory of ever having learned about this particular piece of legislation. So now, I’m exploring why this came up, and just about every day, I’m handed something new like this to explore. Ultimately, all the seemingly disparate pieces end up connecting, and that’s really what I’m doing with my writing – showing how it all connects.

2. What has been the best piece of advice you have gotten in your life and or career that you would share with others? 

Be vulnerable.

For most of my life I had the hardest time being vulnerable. I never wanted to show weakness, and I was also pretty arrogant about what I knew, like I KNEW that religion and spirituality were fake. I was a complete atheist. I was very rigid in my beliefs, and this resulted in me resisting and explaining away my own personal experiences. I ended up being diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and mild epilepsy by the time I graduated from college. I felt sick and disempowered most of the time. But then, I started exploring meditation and yoga, and I was introduced to Buddist nun Pema Chödrön’s writing and Brené Brown’s vulnerability research. I gradually learned to lower my defenses and let my experiences in. My issue wasn’t just that I struggled to be vulnerable with other people. I struggled to be vulnerable with myself. But as I got over that and just allowed myself to be, a whole world of experience opened up to me. I stopped feeling sick. I have none of chronic conditions I had before, and I learned what my true natural talents are so I could embrace them versus trying to be someone I’m not.

3. We see you have in your bio on IG that you are “The Queen of Synchronicity” Can you elaborate on that and explain more about the title? 

During an Instagram promo for an interview I did in September, the interviewer casually called me “The Queen of Synchronicity.” What she didn’t know is that nine months earlier, I was standing on the subway platform when I heard (I’m clairaudient and “hear” messages all the time) that I would be called “The Queen of Synchronicity” in an interview and it would be my title and it would stick. I hadn’t told anyone about this except for two friends who had no relation to the interviewer, so when she said it, it felt very magical.

For those who may not know, synchronicity is a term that was coined by Carl Jung that basically means “meaningful coincidence.” The interviewer named me this because of the amount of synchronicity I experience, and truly, I experience life as if it’s one big interconnected web – everything echoes everything else. I’ll have a dream about something then that same thing will be mentioned in whatever I happen to read next and then it’ll be mentioned in whatever TV show I happen to watch next, etc., etc. It just goes on and on like this. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried, and while I may not always immediately understand what the connection is between one thing and another or why something is coming up, the connection is always there. It reveals itself in time as I follow the patterns.

4. You are a writer and every month you publish “The Magic Guide.” Can you share with us what we can expect if we were to receive a month of this? 

Every issue of The Magic Guide is designed to help you see all the connections happening around you and shaping your life. Rooted in astrology, you’ll learn about all of the major transits and moons and eclipses happening that month, but this information is not presented like your typical astrology! That’s because my astrology practice (I will literally dream about planets and stars) is very much connected to the larger web of information that I’m receiving all the time. The Magic Guide explores science, history, mythology, and more. I include all sorts of things within the web of All That Is that are connected to what’s happening now, so really, what you’re getting in The Magic Guide is A Star Story – a 50+ page, grand, interconnected understanding of your place in time and how to navigate it.
Readers write to me all the time to share about the side effects they’re experiencing from reading The Guide – everything from deep personal healing, to increased synchronicity, to having things magically manifest after performing one of the moon rituals. The Guide is written with the intention to expand your consciousness and help you see the bigger picture in your life and the world, and once you’re seeing this, truly all sorts of magical things are possible.

When you sign up, you’ll get a link to the latest issue and access to the members-only section of the website where you can read the issue in web format. After subscribing, you’ll get a new issue every month to work with, and the longer you work with it, the more you see.

5. Tell us where we can connect with you online and keep up with your glorious writing. 

You can connect with me on Instagram @themagicguide and @virginia.mason.richardson.

And you can find The Magic Guide at

For more on my books and other writing, you can visit:

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