Bryan McCoy – A badass Stuntman

We all know that real life is completely opposite to reel life. There are some stars like Tom Cruise who picturizes all his stunts on his own. On the other hand, these stunts are picturized by the stunt men since these are highly amazing and hard to do. Nobody can recognize these stunts because the truth does not come on screen. The film industry has several stunt men who perform difficult and daring stunts for their heroes. Here, we are talking about Bryan McCoy, he is one of the fearless and daring stuntmen who picturizes his stunts in an amazing style. A badass stuntman works on his own stunt man company with the name of the Real McCoy Stunts.

Life story

Bryan McCoy belongs to New Mexico and he is raised there. His family has a racing background as his grandparents were into racing. But Bryan’s first love is doing stunts and he has been doing different stunts since his childhood by copying batmen. He used to wear his costume and jumped from the roof thinking that he was flying. It was his dream to act like superheroes like superman, batman and others. No doubt, it was childhood fun but he did not leave by the age. Therefore, he stepped forward to the film industry. However, he was the only being in his family who came to the film industry.

It was too hard for him because he has no support and knowledge about it. Therefore, he had to go from one place to another to make his career in the stunt and action film industry at a little age of 19. He received his SAG card and moved to Los Angeles. The stuntman took a start from a low-budget film and it was amazing for him to work with the celebrity Chadwick Boseman.

Not only this, Bryan did not leave his family work. Yes, he is handling racing and doing automatic weapons, jumps, and fire burns. Doing stick, drifting, driving, precision, stunt driving and others are the games of his left hand. The badass stuntman is jack of all trades related to the stunt industry. With his Class A CDL license, he is instructing at Monitor Picture Driving Clinic.

Professional life

No doubt, making space in the film industry is not an easy task for the majority of the people and they look for a single chance. Most of them get this single chance but they cannot click it. The case is opposite in the case of Bryan since he struggled hard to make his recognition in the stunt field. The road to success was too bumpy and the journey was not easy to complete. But, the only thing that is the nature of the stuntman is that he never gives up. Now after the effort of the year, he has launched his own company Real McCoy Stunts. His aim to launch this company is to give recognition to all stuntmen as they deserve. We know a rebel Bryan who not only races but he falls, automatic weapons, wireworks and fire burns.

He loves to take risks and do wonders so he does the same in the film industry by doing extraordinary stunts. Bryan is bravely in stunts, loves to do hard jobs, innovative thinking, and risk-taking action on the screen. No doubt, the present film industry will be proud of Bryan McCoy because of his talented nature and stunts.

Bryan has struggled a lot in the industry but his motivation is his family. He does not like to give up and he does the same. Therefore, he is a popular name in the film industry.

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