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5 Gadget Trends For 2021

After an incredibly challenging year, we have learnt not to be too sure about predictions since anything can happen. In 2021, most people were confined in their homes and relied on technology for communication, and this led to some gadgets skyrocketing like never before. 

According to Tech Magazine, here are the latest trends in gadgets that you can look forward to in 2021. 

  1. 5nm Chips

5nm chips have been seen in Samsung and TSMC and are taking the lead. Companies such as Apple are set on shipping their 5nm A14 bionic SoC to their latest phones and laptop models. Macs will be the latest beneficiaries. To compete with Apple, Qualcomm is set to launch Snapdragon 888, and AMD will announce the Zen 4 architecture. Not only will users have more power efficiency, but they will also have a high manufacturing cost.

  • Bending Phones and Laptops

Folding phones are so far the biggest trend expected in 2021. We have already seen a few brands that have done it and produced exceptional quality. So far, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Moto Razr 5G have been the most practical smartphones with this folding capability. Big brands such as Xiaomi, Samsung, and Apple are rumoured to be working on their foldable models as well.

Additionally, laptops with huge bendable screens are also a technology that is quickly moving upwards. Users will get a larger working screen and can fold them after they are done working. People who are always on the go will love this portability feature.  

  • 5G & Satellite Internet Access

The 5th generation of mobile internet is already here with us. Not only is the speed super-fast, but it also assures users of stable connections. The 5G networks first came through in 2019 but were expensive for most people. 

In 2021, 5G technology has become more available for a larger group of people who will be able to enjoy lightning speed internet connectivity. Even better, companies have developed more affordable data plans with enhanced coverage to accommodate people from all walks of life. It is expected to win more users in 2021. You can even expect to see 5G in Lebanon.

  • Reality 3D Display

In 2021, reality 3D displays are set to boom. It has already begun with the Sony Spatial Reality Display device. 3D displays give you a three-dimensional viewing experience with exemplary eye-sensing technology. 

The eye-sensing technology will automatically detect where your eyes are and adjust the image to your viewing capability. Its high-speed vision sensor tracks your eye movement within a millisecond. It also scans the entire eye from the pupil to the cornea using a high-quality algorithm on the content.

  • Enhanced Drone Technology

In the past, drones were used for entertainment and shooting photos and cameras. In 2021 drone technology is set to improve as they are now used as home security manning and surveillance.

The first versions of these drones, the Ring Always Home Cam Security Drones, are already in the market. They are autonomous and have cameras to monitor everything in the said facility without any manual assistance. Even better, the camera replaces the outdoor cams from time to time, depending on how you want it. Speaking of drones, here’s how to get a drone permit in Lebanon.

Last Words

Manufacturers keep improving the gadgets to fit the technological times we are living in. Keep learning these trends to stay up to date with the changes and use these to make your life easier as well. 

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