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New Media Age surprises us with innovative products and solutions every day. It seems like nothing is impossible anymore, and we are right on the way to the moon with all things techy, like VR, AI, super pumped 4D visual and sound effects, and so on.

If you are a music lover, you know how lucky you are these days, don’t you? There are so many free streaming services and resources where you can listen to any genre, find new artists, and download the latest music as often as you want.

Free apps allow discovering new albums, artists, and tracks that you don’t typically hear on the radio. Listen to the best music for free with rare commercial breaks using the apps we listed below.


Jango is a free music app that (yes!) does not play commercials. It’s an ad-free service with various radio stations you can listen to depending on your mood and taste. If you are a fan of Lady Gaga, Jango will create a playlist with Gaga’s and similar artists’ songs. Want more music in the same style? Check the stations called Pop Mixup or Modern Hits.

Artists pay Jango to have their songs played. You can express your gratitude by leaving feedback or a tip with Jango’s currency you receive weekly – NeuCoins.

If listening to music isn’t quite enough, you can watch music videos and access your favorite songs’ lyrics. Don’t want or too lazy to create an account? Enjoy music immediately as a guest.


It is one of the most popular free apps for streaming music. If you ask your friends about Spotify, many of them will say they listen to it. After telling the app what music you like, it will refine your playlist so that you can enjoy your favorite songs.

Spotify also has other cool free features:

  • Play music on PlayStation 4
  • Enjoy new fresh song selections weekly
  • Discover song lyrics inside the Spotify app
  • Expand your music library by following your Facebook friends

Spotify has a Discover Weekly feature, too, with a fresh collection of tracks. You can rate songs to add them to your playlist. If you know about Shazam, it is developed by Spotify. Play any music, and Shazam will let you know what’s the name of the track. If you like it, you can add it to your playlist in the app.

Consider buying a monthly subscription on Spotify for $9.99 for ad-free listening and even more cool add-ons.


You most likely heard of Pandora. If you didn’t, check it out. It’s the next popular app after Spotify. There is a difference between them, though. They are both free, but if on Spotify, you can play music mostly on-demand, on Pandora, they create a station based on your preferred genres, artists, and songs. The app uses its algorithm to match similar artists and tracks to your preferences.

You can find famous and new interesting artists on Pandora. However, its library is limited, and sometimes it seems like you listen to the same music again and again. Choose other streaming services from our list, and give Pandora a break.


If you are also interested in sports, news, talks, and podcasts, TuneIn is made for you. You can choose what program are you up for at the moment. There are 120.000 stations on this free app for genre-based and live music. Besides, you can enjoy interviews and exclusive music sessions with different artists.

You’ll have to upgrade to Premium for live sports unless your local radio is affiliated and has permission to stream the game.


This one is crowdsourced. You have access to thousands of artists in different genres who offer free streaming. If that is still not enough, you can purchase their Premium Go+ plan to enjoy 30 million exclusive tracks.

Other music apps are curated, but SoundCloud is free for everyone. Search songs, bands, artists, or genres, and dive into the music. There is a lot to explore, as search results show not only what you were looking for but similar names and styles.

On SoundCloud, you can also stream full albums, podcasts, and audiobooks. The app works solidly on iTunes and Android.


It is another large service for streaming free music. You will have to listen to ads, but you can skip them unlimited times.

AccuRadio offers stations for possibly any music genre you know. Featured stations are free of commercials, but for a limited time too. If alternative music is a featured genre, all the alternative music stations will be ad-free for a day.

If you like a particular band and search by its name, AccuRadio will show you all the stations that play this bands’ music.


In addition to regular curated music collections available on any streaming service, Slacker offers:

  • Weekly countdowns
  • Top-30 from 5 years ago
  • Album of the week

Slacker also allows you to upvote and ban songs. It hosts a themed series with behind-the-scenes stories and interviews that you won’t find anywhere else. It is possible to stream news and get weather updates on Slacker as well.

Like a station or a song? Feel free to share them with your friends on social media.


Deezer has more than 50 million songs. You can rate songs on Deezer, so it personalizes your playlist. Download your MP3 and playlists to make your Deezer authentic. Same as some other apps, Deezer offers interviews and on-screen lyrics.

If you want Deezer for free, use it on your mobile. Choose a different app if you’d like to listen to it on your computer or a video game platform.

Reviews say that Deezer is excellent for Google Home and Sonos with a Premium Hi-Fi option.


How cool is it that 8tracks has custom user-created and sponsored playlists? It’s a bit funny, but you can find such genres as sad, sleep, study, happy songs, or chill, and workout essentials.

This app is unique and stands out from other music services, offering basically the same features.

To enjoy playlists free of commercials, you’ll have to pay $4.99. It is cheaper than the premium offerings of the other apps.


This app has a different approach. You can get paid for your reviews! You can choose and listen to free music (or even pay for the Premium features) or listen to the same tracks on Slicethepie and get paid.

Besides music, you can earn on providing feedback about clothes or other consumer brands. Slicethepie sends you your money via PayPal. Refer a friend and earn bonuses together!


With various digital services these days, we, music lovers, can listen to curated playlists, enjoy exclusive shows, behind-the-scenes, and interviews with our favorite artists. We have access to all genres possible, new albums, and industry news. What else do we need to wish for? Let’s enjoy our free-ad music and dance like nobody sees us.

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