Weekend Movie Recommendations: Period Piece Edition

Ready to go back in time? No, that doesn’t mean my movie recommendations this week are about time travel. Although, I could do that some time. What I have done is headed over to Amazon Prime to find movies that are period pieces. Because, even back in a pre-2020 world, some filmmakers and moviegoers liked to spend some time in a bygone era. Also, a movie I really like that falls in this category is new to Amazon Prime, but I will get to that later.

I’m starting with Brokeback Mountain, a movie that was once at the pinnacle of the discourse but has since fallen by the wayside a bit. It’s a very good film, though not without its flaws. Ang Lee shot it beautifully, but I think the acting could have been a smidge better. Still, as far as romantic melodramas go, it’s a noteworthy one, but you’ll have time to watch other films to pick up your mood afterward.

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Next, I want to get silly. I have not seen Shanghai Noon in a while. I enjoyed it when I was a kid. It’s a Wild West action-comedy starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. It’s silly and full of fight scenes. I thought it would be a nice to sandwich these films with a goofy, little comedy.

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Then, we end for the whole reason for this. Dazed and Confused is now on Amazon Prime. Previously, it was streaming on Starz, but Starz is not as readily available as Prime. Richard Linklater’s film about the end of the school year in ‘70s Texas is a fun ensemble movie. It has some moments I don’t really like, but everything else is just so good it doesn’t matter a ton. Dazed and Confused is a fun film to end your night on, especially if you have a drink or enjoy a little marijuana while you’re watching it.

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