SINGLE REVIEW: Let It All Krumble by Lyndol Descant

Lyndol Descant has brought us not only with a cool new song, but a really cool music video to go along with it called “Let It All Krumble”, which has us quite intrigued. Lyndol Descant is a Texas-based jazz/pop singer that wants to make a name in the industry. 

Lyndol plans to use his simple yet powerful mantra to give expression to the struggle creatives go through on the daily. The struggle to put their authentic art out there in the face of such a profit-driven system, with their ideals and creativity thrown out the window. It’s really heartbreaking to see the economy force them to put value when the value goes beyond what currency can give.

When someone or something tells you that your art is not of high value, the rejection really hurts because this is your life’s work and someone else can just come in and tear it up. The artists chokes up and the creativity becomes suppressed inside of them. Rejection can really bound you and it’s time we let go of the corrupted system of capitalism and success being driven by monetary values. 

Lyndol Descant explains it best with this quick quote, 

“I wrote this song 8 years ago; my first year in Brooklyn. I was hustling hard, renting a room and barely making rent. I was surrounded by all the grossness of NYC that you have to experience on a daily basis; from pollution to rotting garbage to poverty to dilapidated living spaces that cost more than a whole house back home.

But despite what surrounded me, I felt more alive than ever. I was songwriting like crazy, performing weekly and teaching music to children from all walks of life. I was so just so thankful for the experience. I really did feel a whole new level of joy and peace on the inside. This type of invulnerability can get you through the tough times, so I wanted to share it at a time when so many are facing tremendous obstacles in their lives.”

Sometimes, we just need to let it all crumble, or better yet, let ourselves crumble to get out of the ruin again and rise to be what we want to be. The decision is ours and only ours.

Take a listen and truly hear what Lyndol Descant is trying to tell us in “Let It All Krumble”.

Let It All Krumble by Lyndol Descant, Video by Eric Norcross

by Javier Zepeda

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