Question Of The Week: Best ‘SNL’ Host/Musician Combo

I don’t watch Saturday Night Live these days. I have barely watched anything from the show over the last 15 years or so, aside from some John Mulaney stuff and anytime Bill Hader played Vincent Price. However, this past weekend, SNL piqued my interest, though I still didn’t watch. I just happened to notice that Dan Levy was hosting and Phoebe Bridgers was the musical guest, which was a real one-two punch of people I’m a fan of.

I binged all of Schitt’s Creek in 2020, and I thought Dan Levy’s show was delightful. Now, did I prefer Catherine O’Hara or Alexis Murphy’s performance to Levy’s? Yes, but he was great at David, and it was his show. I also have enjoyed Levy whenever he shows up in interviews or whatever. Meanwhile, I’ve been in on Bridgers since Stranger in the Alps, which my tote bag I bought from her merch indicates. She’s not my favorite, but Punisher was my top album of 2020. It’s been weird, to be honest, to watch a musician I’m a fan of get seemingly so popular. As an indie rock devotee, that doesn’t happen a ton. Given that, rarely is a musician I’m a fan of on Saturday Night Live. That means I basically never get a double dip of being a big fan of the guest host or the musical guest. Which is why I want to ask this question this week: What was your favorite host/musical guest combo in Saturday Night Live history?

My answer is probably Levy and Bridgers. Pavement was never on SNL, after all. Courtney Barnett is the only other musician I’m a particular fan of that has been on the show I can recall, and she was with Fred Armisen, who I like but don’t like as much as Levy. Of course, I didn’t even watch Levy and Bridgers’ episode. I did watch Bridgers’ musical performances on YouTube, though. I was annoyed they made her cut down “I Know the End.”

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