Why inpatient methadone treatment could be your solution to addiction?

Similar to several opioid agonist medicines, when you misuse methadone, it can get addictive. On the other hand, if you are consuming methadone within the suggested parameters as part of the treatment plan, addiction should never be a problem. However, you might develop a physical dependence with constant use, which is your body’s natural adaptation to any substance. When you might want to quit, the doctor will customize a tapering schedule to reduce the unpleasant symptoms.

Methadone is an opioid. And there might be some people who can abuse it to get high. When it is about methadone abuse, some people can get addicted and might need professional treatment under a methadone clinic. To know more about it, you can check out methadone clinic Philadelphia.

Dependence and tolerance

Getting dependant on a substance and developing a tolerance towards it are two different phenomena that people find confusing. When a person becomes tolerant of methadone, they need an increased dose to get the desired impact. Tolerance might develop fast in a person who is abusing methadone more than the recommended dose. As a person’s tolerance to the methadone effect increase, the risk of an overdose might also increase. And at times, people might take a high dose; it might land them at a respiratory risk.

However, it starts as the body gets re-adjusted to the consistent presence of the medicine when it comes to dependence. It starts to function sub-optimally when drug use stops or gets slowed down. Dependence is a natural phenomenon to any substance, just like tolerance. A person who is consuming methadone under medical guidance might develop a specific dependence, which doesn’t indicate that they are addicted. It only means that their body has grown used to it.

People who are consuming methadone within a maintenance program might witness withdrawal symptoms when they suddenly stop their medicine. Hence, doctor’s opt-in for a gradual tapering schedule for people who wish to discontinue the medication. The dependence can generate strongly if a person is abusing methadone. If they suddenly stop using the drug, they might come across intense withdrawal symptoms. And these symptoms might get unpleasant, that they might have to return to the drug to remove the same.

All this might develop a drug abuse cycle that is challenging to break and result in methadone addiction. However, the professional methadone clinics are set up in a way to help people quit methadone abuse. To know more about this, you can check out methadone clinic Myrtle Beach SC.

The inpatient and outpatient clinics

Addiction can get treated in two settings, the inpatient and outpatient methadone treatment centers.The inpatient treatment offers the patients 24-hour care, treatment, and assistance. The patients are required to stay at the clinic for a specific time. The environment is highly structured and enables people to concentrate on their complete recovery. There are no stressors, distractions, and triggers that can hinder the treatment plan. Usually, these treatment plans are slightly costly than the outpatient programs, as people have to pay the cost for the room and the round the clock monitoring services. There are a few insurance companies that offer partial coverage of addiction treatment services.

On the other hand, the outpatient treatment plan offers more opportunity and freedom for the patients to engage with society. Here the patients are at home during their treatment. They take part in the treatment sessions and also witness the behavioral therapeutic techniques on a routine basis. They can opt-in for reliable transportation so that there are no gaps in the therapy. Most patient’s opt-in for an outpatient treatment because they can carry on with their daily lives. The outpatient programs have different intensities, from the general outpatient to a partial hospitalization program, which resembles the inpatient treatment closely in its essence.

Do you need an inpatient methadone treatment?

The inpatient methadone clinics help addicted people to get their sobriety through a mix of therapeutic processes. Are you unsure about the treatment that is best for you? If yes, you can schedule an assessment with a physician. They will analyze your physical health, mental health, degree of addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and other factors. They will make use of this data to decide the type of care applicable to you.

However, inpatient treatments are apt for people who:

  • Have severe addiction issues.
  • Have polydrug addictions.
  • Have a severe medical issue that needs treatment.
  • Have co-occurring mental issues, like bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression.
  • Doesn’t have a reliable transportation option for an outpatient facility.
  • Don’t have a sober and robust support system.
  • Have dropped out of a program or have relapsed.
  • Are pregnant and face other issues.

If you know of someone who is into excess opioid abuse and have not benefited from outpatient treatment, you can recommend that person to an inpatient methadone clinic. It will help the person to heal better from the addiction issue better.

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