Trend Alert: Sustainable Luxury Living with Bronwyn Leigh Jones

Bronwyn Leigh Jones is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the entrepreneurial world, and if you don’t know her yet, you’re about to.

The actress, model, and singer-songwriter from Australia pursued a business degree in college. Diving straight into the entertainment industry after, she signed onto Warner Chappell Publishing, joined MTV, and started making appearances on television and in the music industry.

Rarely do you hear business trips described as “life-changing,” but Bronwyn’s trip to Los Angeles to interview Prince and Lenny Kravitz was. After falling in love with California (I mean, who wouldn’t), she immigrated to America to break into the real estate industry. Now, with her keen eye for design, fierce ambition, and almost two decades of residing in Los Angeles and Orange County, Bronwyn has found lots of success in the real estate world, specializing in “new developments that are innovative and modern with wellness and sustainable applications.”

But her career doesn’t stop there. The single mother, businesswoman, and entrepreneur wanted to shape her career around causes she’s passionate about. Dedicating herself to equality, child welfare, compassion, and sustainability, Bronwyn founded CORAL: a green consulting firm focused on luxury real estate, sustainable development, wellness lifestyle, luxury goods, and fashion.

In the words of Bronwyn, the organization provides “strategic consulting and business acceleration services to emerging technology innovators, Greentech wellness, and sustainable companies, with a focus on sustainable innovation.”

With clients that range from celebrities and entertainment moguls to single mothers who need help finding a suitable home, Bronwyn takes the time to understand what matters most to her clients. She aligns the real estate process with her big mission of sustainability.

“Some may think that sustainability means a lack of exciting amenities, my goal is to show my clients that sustainability means exciting, healthy, luxurious construction and amenities,” says Bronwyn, “Modern real estate comes in many forms, and in reality, it includes being up to date with technology and fashion.”

Actress, musician, humanitarian, businesswoman, and mother, Bronwyn breaks down all barriers of our time. To follow along with Bronwyn and her journey, check out:

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