How can you sell without advertisements? Lectera knows the answer.

Nike spent $3.59 billion advertising online in 2020. The importance of digital marketing and promotion on various platforms, including social media networks, is growing every year. But not every company has the option of spending millions of dollars on digital marketing. What can they do?

There are simple tools available that are absolutely free. They can significantly increase sales for any business. At the same time, they will reduce the costs of promoting a product and perhaps even reduce them to zero. Lectera has prepared a selection of the most effective tools for selling without advertising and without making a large investment:

Understanding your customer

The modern consumer is bombarded with advertisements so often that they simply don’t notice them anymore. This phenomenon is called “banner blindness”. All of the money that a company spends on advertising online can be wasted because of this. A marketer needs to understand which platforms and which advertising will be effective for a particular customer in order for them to start noticing the advertisements. That is, we need to analyze the market and reject classical types of advertising.

In order to choose the best way to promote your product you will need to study your audience. This is a very big job and it is very important. To learn more about how understanding your audience can affect the amount of income that a product brings in, take the Lectera course “How to create a high-income product: strategy and market studies”. While this course is geared more towards business owners, marketers will find it useful as well.

After you have chosen websites and start promoting products on them, you also need to regularly analyze the performance of each site and adjust to the needs of the audience.

Perfect customer service

Once you clearly understand your customer, and ideally have put together a few detailed portraits of your target customer, it’s time to provide them with the best service. Ideal customer service will depend on your audience. For example, the communication style that surf shop customers enjoy will be drastically different from the communication style in a brand name clothing store. However, for all stores the following rule applies equally well: the most important thing is that the client is comfortable with you.

You must organize the sale of goods using all available offline and online sales channels. Stores should be located in places where your customers can easily drop in after work without wasting any time (after all, it is rare that a customer is ready to go to the other side of the city for a product they like). For online sales channels it is important to adapt the online store for purchases from different devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets and get some classified site.

Quality content

Many companies are guided by the principle “the more content, the better” when they do promotions. Lectera advises you to never do this! What matters is not the quantity of content, but its quality. After you analyze your audience you can better understand what resources are most popular with them. It will also become clear what kind of content they need and exactly when it should be uploaded.

Using these tools for promotion may not require any financial investment, but they can still bring a company a very nice profit. A company’s goal is to understand their customer and make it as convenient as possible to purchase goods from them.

A marketer, or the owner of a company who has taken digital marketing courses, can easily organize a budget-friendly way to promote their product. You can learn more about how to advertise a product without spending extra money in the Lectera course “Sales without advertising: how to make your business grow”.

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