Why Large Companies are choosing Coworking Space

Why Large Companies are Choosing Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are coming up all around the globe. Working professionals across the sectors from different paths of life and careers are embracing coworking spaces. Global coworking growth study 2020 estimates that around 5 million people will be working from coworking spaces by 2024. That is a 158% increase compared to the year 2020. The staggering percentage is indicator enough to display how coworking spaces are utilized by professionals from all backgrounds but also from large companies.

Large Companies are using Coworking spaces

This trend is growing in momentum due to the advantages the coworking spaces are providing to its professionals. Technological giants like Microsoft, Verizon, and IBM are exploring the coworking spaces for their employees. The reason behind this trend is that the employees can be close to their residing places as well as interact closely with upcoming innovative startups.

Easy access to Innovators

Innovation is the key to growth. This has been the philosophy behind the growth of large companies. Taking this philosophy ahead the large companies are using these coworking spaces to get in touch with budding entrepreneurs and innovators. The social and communication collaboration that coworking spaces provide is an advantage for the large companies. This provides an opportunity for an easy breakthrough in getting their hands on industry-changing revolutionary ideas.

Increase in Productivity

The infectious environment of office spaces for rent is easy to rub on anyone around. So, large companies are using this environment to motivate their employees to work better. This charged-up environment can challenge & motivate the employees to be better in their respective fields producing better ideas. This is one of the prime reasons for large companies to use the business center.


The biggest advantage of plug and play office is one can start working without bothering about the infrastructure set up. This is also one of the reasons behind the growth of coworking space. Employees just need to plug their systems and connect to established internet and cloud services and start working immediately at furnished office space. All they have to do is to pay for the facilities used for a week or month. The savings to the company are noticeable immediately.

Utilizing the opportunity of Flexibility

Large companies are choosing the coworking spaces so they can provide the flexibility option to their employees. The employees can choose the coworking space environment nearer to their residence or one that they just like. Employees can choose any coworking space that has been chosen by their company in the city. They can run a personal errand and work from the shared space near to that. This flexibility option to employees is being appreciated by the workforce. Employees choose a shorter commute and also feel valued as it gives space to plan their day balancing life and work.

Statistics to prove coworking spaces growth

The USA is leading in 3,700 shared workspaces across the country, second in India with 2,197 spaces followed by the United Kingdom at 1044 spaces. The price average of coworking space is reduced by 2.14% between 2019 and 2020. 

Since the lockdowns across the globe due to pandemic around 3,000 requests were received between February 2020 and May 2020. There has been a shift towards shared spaces opting for long term contract duration with huge capacities. Now, COVID-19 has significantly changed the shift in working behaviour across the globe. Large companies are no more holding to the belief of working from their office location. Employees are hugely using the shared spaces to work productively towards their company’s growth.

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