What To Do When Your Roof Starts Leaking?

If you are confident and know the origin of the leak, you can safely reach out for its source and cover the exterior of your roof with a large tarp. Roof leaks are deterring. A home is a place where people feel protected and safe from harsh weather conditions and other outdoor elements.

Unfortunately, outdoor elements such as rain, wind, snow, may creep into your home. Incidents may happen at any point in time, and when they do, you should take action at the earliest.

If there is a possibility of a potential damage to your roof due to the water, then you should get it repaired as soon as possible. If you find that your roof is leaking, you can manage the situation with the help of a few tips and tricks. It will help you minimize all potential damages from the water.

  • Move Things Out of the Way of Leaks

When your roof is leaking, you will need to do something about it, since it is bad. Water seeping in can damage and ruin several things. Clear the area where it’s leaking. For instance, if the leak is above your bed, cupboard or clothing, steer clear the area of things.

Water will damage your precious belongings, and you don’t want that. Hence, moving things out is the first thing you should do when your roof is leaking.

A few components can trap water and create an awful smell of mildew. So push out of the way, everything that you can, Asap!

  • Contain the Water

If water is leaking from your roof, try and contain it, as much as you can. Grab anything you find suitable to store seeping water, may it be garbage, buckets, towels, cans, etc. and capture the water.

 This way, the impact and damage caused by water will reduce significantly. Water can damage your floors as well.

Ensure that you have numerous containers near you to trap the water, and switch the containers regularly to prevent your containers from overflowing.

  • Relieve Water Pressure

If you see a sagging bulge hanging from your ceiling, you should understand water collecting in that spot.

Although it may not seem wise to poke a hole in that area, you should do it. If you choose to leave it like that, the water will spread and damage your ceiling further. Also, it may erupt on its own, causing a bigger mess.

You can use a screwdriver to puncture the lowest point of the bulge and make sure that you have a bucket underneath to catch the water in that. It may require several punctures, depending on how big the leak is.

  • Tarp the Roof

If you cannot get your leaking roof fixed right away, using a tarp is one of the best options to fix your leaking roof. Sometimes it is difficult to find the problematic area and your leak’s origin.

You can look for the problematic area based on leaking on the inside and covering it using a tarp from the outside.

Use a tarp that is at least six millimetres thick and spread it across four feet across the area where it’s leaking, up to the peak. If the peak is very far away, you can tuck it under the shingles, so that the water doesn’t go beneath the tarp.

It will provide plenty of protection and ensure that the entire area is entirely covered.

  • Call for a Professional Roofing Company

A roof that leaks is a big undertaking; hence, you should consider calling the pros so that they can handle the situation adequately. The longer you wait, the problem will get worse.

You can only manage the situation with a few tips, but you cannot fix it yourself. Hence, it needs immediate fixing. Professional roofers will get your roof repaired with their expertise.

They will also assess the entire roof to see if the problem prevails elsewhere. If it is so, they will repair or reconstruct it as needed.

Regular maintenance of your roof is one of the best ways of controlling leaks from appearing again. The roof of your house goes through a lot of wear and tear and is exposed to harsh elements present in the environment.

Weather conditions like hails, storms and heavy rains weaken the shingles. You must ensure that your house stays in working condition for long, and for that, you need to keep all major systems, including the roof well-maintained.


Don’t panic when your roof is leaking. Although it causes many inconveniences, you should choose to seek help at the earliest. You can easily get the situation under control with the steps stated above. Also, regularly maintain your roof so that you get to know about its condition before it’s too late!

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