What Is the Difference Between Cocaine and Crack?

Cocaine is a powerful drug made by a coca plant present in South America. It is found in both rock and powdered form that gives quick and intense high. Cocaine and crack cocaine are almost similar and produce the same results. These drugs are addictive by nature and sold in the form of white powders.

Cocaine is stated in schedule II drug because it has a high potential for drug abuse and other medical uses. It is used for various purposes, but dealing and usage of cocaine are illegal. It has many street names and other slang terms in which the most common ones are snow, blow, flake, rock, coke, Huaraches food, soda, and crack.  In this article, we will learn about crack and cocaine differences and treatments for cocaine addiction.

Difference Between Crack and Cocaine

Cocaine and Crack are same looking drugs that serve the same purposes, but the main difference between cocaine and crack is that cocaine is taken in the form of injection, snorted, and swallowed while crack is taken in the form of smoke. Crack is cheaper comparatively cocaine, and its effects last for shorter periods of time. Cocaine is expensive, and its effects last intensely for a longer period of time. It is inhaled through the nose or injected in the veins, and it is very addictive that one can fall for it after one use.

Symptoms of Cocaine and Crack Addiction

  • Deep cravings
  • Loss of interests from hobbies or regular activities
  • Isolating and living alone
  • Consecutively lying to friends and loved ones
  • Trying to top but not able to do it
  • Occupied by the thoughts of consuming drugs
  • Stealing money from family to buy drugs

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

There are ranges of cocaine addiction treatment that have been successful, which are as follow:

  • Behavioral Counseling: Behavioral treatments is one of the promising treatments where addicts and experts are in a one-on-one conversation where they are taught about the importance of life and how they can make good use of it. Treatment is based on the condition of the patients and their response to it.
  • Medications: There is no such medicine prescribed to treat the addiction to cocaine. However, there are some antidepressant pills with other purposes, which can relieve anxiety and depression.
  • Alternative Therapies: Alternative therapies include rehab, which helps the person recover from their fear and addiction.

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