What are the security measures required for online banking?

                In these days where the internet plays an important role in our lives, and change the lifestyle of all of us. Now, even when we are sitting outside somewhere, we can do online banking transactions from the screen of smartphones, tablets or notebooks easily.

According to Carlos Gonzalez, there are good techniques for using Internet Banking to be more secure than the bank’s existing security system. Make sure your account won’t be attacked by malicious people. Including basic knowledge of the use of Internet Banking. Let’s go see it together.

1. Use it on a personal device

For using Internet Banking via various devices, it should be accessed through a trusted device. You should avoid using the public computer or other people’s smartphones. Internet cafes or Lobby Lounge are strictly prohibited, as non-personal devices may have Key Logger programmed to intercept user typing. It may cause your personal information or password to be intercepted. Therefore, it is best to use it on your own device as it is safest.

2. Always set your password secure

Do not set a password that is easy to guess, such as “abcdefg”, “123456”, “password”, date of birth, or numbers or letters. Good password should contain uppercase and lowercase letters and mixed numbers. In addition, you should change your password at least every 2 or 3 months.

3. Don’t use on public Wi-Fi

By attractions Internet banking through the public internet is at risk of hackers decrypting SSL to steal data as well. Hackers will use a method to open a fake Access Point in order to allow us to use free Wi-Fi. If you want to use Internet Banking outside your home, you should use data only via SIM card. Some banks will prevent access via Wi-Fi in order to reduce the risk to customers.

4. Type the name of the bank’s website by yourself.

When you want to access Internet Banking via Web Browser, we should not use Google to search the bank’s website. Because hackers may create a fake website with the name of the website similar to our bank website. In addition, sometimes there may be a forged extension of the new website, such as from .com, it is .co, if we go to the website without checking carefully, it may be mistaken until being phishing or fooling our information to use.

5.Only look for https

After accessing the bank’s webpage, you can check if it’s a safe or real website, in the URL field to enter the web address. It must always be prefixed with https: // with a padlock (the letter “s” at the end of http means security or a secure website) where the s is to confirm that it is encrypted and is in contact with the bank’s server.

Besides of using internet banking to transfer money. We can also use internet banking access other services through websites on the Internet. A lot of websites have different standards for maintaining the security of their customers. Nowadays, even online casinos have designed a secure money transfer system ut9win . We will not have to worry about transacting on these websites if the online casinos are globally recognized and licensed.

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