How to correctly identify and diagnose back pain?

It is essential to have a medical diagnosis and proper Winnipeg physical therapy for back pain, as the discomfort can be simple or more complex. 

The first step is to look for a professional to perform the clinical evaluation, order imaging tests such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans, and suggest a treatment.

What is Back Pain?

Back pain is an uncomfortable sensation that can affect the cervical (back of the neck) to the lumbar (closest to the hip), in addition to appearing in the middle of the trunk.

In the neck area, in the cervical part, pain can appear reflected in the arms. In these cases, back pain begins in the central part of the spine and radiates to the shoulder.

In the middle region of the spine, thoracic, the back pain may be related to incorrect postures. Also, back pain in the lower back is due to the same reason.

The pain generally is a reported individual feel in different ways by people who feel. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of people will suffer from back pain at some point in life. As a large part of the population can be affected by this case, problems in this region are the second cause that most take patients to the doctor, losing only to the cold. 

Have you ever heard someone say that they locked their backs? The fear of feeling back pain is sometimes locking the person in a position that doesn’t hurt.

What are the main symptoms of Back Pain?

The most common symptoms of back pain may be related to movement or not. Some people experience back pain when making some physical effort, but others cannot identify the factor that triggers this discomfort.

Some remember a specific moment when the pain started, such as an effort that immediately resulted in intense and constant pain.

Others report that back pain feels like a burning sensation, a stab, stab, prick, shock, tingling, among other forms of discomfort.

Back pain in people with visceral problems (organ disorders) is usually noticed when waking up, while other causes are more noticeable during the day or when going to bed.

Back pain can also occur due to muscle weakness. Our body may experience discomfort to signal that something is wrong.

Since our spine is responsible for supporting our body and protecting our nerves, any different sensation close to it leaves our body on alert. On the other hand, our brain cannot define precisely what is happening, so it tells you that all that is strange is pain. 

And that is why we should not neglect when a person says that they have back pain, especially if it is constant, disabling, or exaggerates discomfort. 

Therefore, in any case, a doctor should be consulted, and the search for the resolution of the problem should be the individual’s goal, even if he/she changes treatment several times.

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