Famous musicians from Vancouver

When it comes to Vancouver, people usually think about the easy going people of BC or how beautiful it is (Ignoring the rain of course).

What most don’t know is a lot of musicians (Famous ones), come from Vancouver as well.

Here are just a few of them:

Bryan Adams

Maybe some young folks might not know Bryan Adams but he was the first international ‘pop star’ to come out of Canada. Let alone from the city of Vancouver. He was basically what Justin Beiber is today. Or at least was a few years ago.

Known and loved worldwide, Bryan Adams had a very successful music career. His ballads have made him a legend worldwide. In fact, he’s right up there with the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, Jon BonJovi and these kind of superstars.

Although he struggled early in his career and may have opted to apply for a payday loan just to get by, he’s now living a very good life and it’s all due to his amazing talent.


You can’t talk about the Vancouver rap scene without talking about Madchild. Unfortunately, he never went international (Until recently), but he’s always been seen as one of the top Canadian rappers of all time. 

He did have a couple massive hits that did quite well with other Vancouver rapper Prevail. Madchild is a legend and a half for consistently putting out music and doing shows. He also recently gained incredible international fame by doing a freestyle battle in one of American’s biggest rap contests.

Proving once and for all to everybody, that he’s the real deal.

Madchild has engrained his on going legacy as one of the best rappers to come out of Canada and definitely one of the best battle rap artists of all time.

Another thing Madchild is famous for is being very good financially. He literally runs his company by himself and is an astute businessman as well.

Now if that’s not talent (Handling money while making music), I don’t know what is.


Yes we are talking about the same young lady who’s usually seen with Elon Musk these days. Grimes was literally born in Vancouver. Which is another incredibly rare feat as most people here are not from here. As most people in Vancouver are either from other countries or other regions of Canada.

Grimes is one of the most talented artists to come out of this country and especially this city. Her creativity is literally on another level. That’s why, most fans weren’t surprised to see her with Elon. After all, he’s a very creative business person as well.

This Vancouverite got famous after dropping some seriously good songs with out of this world music videos. Songs like Oblivion and Visions literally put her on the map and she hasn’t looked back since. Some of of her tracks have been named as ‘Best in the decade’ and so on.

Best part, Grimes is set to release another album in 2020 and we are all super excited for it.

Although there are a few more music stars from Vancouver, these are just the notable ones. Vancouver might be known as “raincouver” (Due to the weather), but we do have some incredible talent this is on the way.

Just make sure you have your headphones on for us.

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