Fighting overweight and obesity is a priority according to Alessandro Bazzoni

Obesity and overweight have increased in the Latin American and Caribbean region, with a greater impact on women, and an upward trend in boys and girls, according to recent studies by the Food and Drug Administration of the United Nations. Alessandro Bazzoni explained that the Agriculture (FAO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). Within this panorama, Venezuela is no stranger to this trend, which is why assistance to these conditions becomes more important.

Roxana Pérez, a graduate in Nutrition and Dietetics from UCV and part of the UBAM team, points out that the vast majority of cases originate from poor eating habits, with intakes of saturated fat, lack of exercise, among the main aspects. Only a small percentage is associated with another pathology, especially when it is hormonal, such as hypothyroidism.

“UBAM has specialists in various areas, and this allows it to provide support to quickly treat the patient,” says Pérez, while highlighting the importance of detailed evaluation, thanks to which factors that influence patients can be quickly identified. Difficulty losing fat.

“When a patient is overweight or obese, she must primarily lose fat. There are two tissues that are the body’s energy reserves: fat mass and muscle tissue. When applying eating plans, the body uses muscle tissue first, and has fat mass as the VIP energy reserve. The hypocaloric diet plan that is designed for the patient will be aimed at reducing the daily calories that she consumes, ”says the specialist.

Pérez points out that reducing fat levels has great benefits, and recalls that obesity and overweight are associated with diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and thyroid problems, for which the loss of fat makes it less prone to suffer any of these diseases, as well as improves self-esteem.

“It is very common for a patient to express concern about not losing weight, despite the fact that he believes that he is eating healthy and exercising. The problem is that when performing the nutritional evaluation, it can be noticed, among other things, that he does not control the adequate daily amounts, so it is essential to know his caloric requirement. They are all those calories that the body needs during the day for metabolic and organic processes, such as heartbeat, digestion, mobility, for physical activities or work, etc. All of this requires energy expenditure and, as a nutritionist, the first thing to do is to estimate what this caloric expenditure is and from there to make a calorie reduction plan ”.

Children and older adults

It is important to control the diet in the first years of life to prevent complications in the future. “There are two main buds of adipose tissue or adipocytes, which are fat cells in the body, the amount of which will remain intact throughout life. They will only get bigger or smaller as you gain or lose weight ”.

The nutritionist explains that the initial outbreak occurs during the first year of life, and the second varies between 5 and 7 years. “In general, the multiplication of adipocytes in the second outbreak will be greater for children with overweight or obesity, so they will be more likely to maintain weight problems in adulthood, despite the fact that they lose weight at puberty.” Hence, the importance of being attentive to the feeding of children in the first years of life and consulting with specialists in the field.

Currently, and given the conditions generated by the pandemic, children remain at home, cannot attend school or perform other physical activities outside the home. Hence, the importance of developing them in confined spaces, such as jumping rope. “It is necessary to be active, not only because they can be overweight or obese, but also because of their mental health.”

As for older adults, they tend to have a greater amount of fat, since they generally lose muscle mass due to old age, so it is important to carry out regular physical activity. Three meals a day and snacks are recommended, as well as being highly hydrated.

Tips to lose pounds

In addition to consulting a specialist, in charge of designing a fat loss plan, the first recommendation is to drink water, “let’s eliminate caloric beverages such as soft drinks, malts, pasteurized juices, paper and everything that includes sugar, so we avoid consume what we call dead calories, ”says Pérez.

Go towards a change in habits in the use of sugar, replacing it with sweeteners. Eliminate cakes, cookies, ice cream, chocolates and sweets in general, as well as sugar-free soft drinks. If the patient suffers from anxiety, the suggestion is to snack with fruits such as pin, milky, melon, pineapple, tangerine, among others.

Alessandro Bazzoni reported that you shouldn’t add oils at the time of cooking. “During the preparation of food you can include dressings, spices, condiments; but I don’t recommend stir-fries, much less consume fried foods. These will increase the energy value of meals and give little satiety. Some recommended sources of fat are: avocado, peanuts, almonds, flaxseed, walnuts, without overdoing the portions ”.

“It is important to carry out some physical activity, as it generates an extra caloric expenditure, tones the muscle mass and helps to lose fat; in addition to establishing defined meal times, with controlled portions; adding at least five consumptions between vegetables or fruits a day ”, he details.

Roxana Pérez described as excellent the experience she has shared at UBAM and the satisfaction of seeing patients meet their goals. Among the most effective treatments offered is the ellipse balloon, through a procedure without surgery, without anesthesia and the placement lasts less than 15 minutes. “With this tool, the patient is helped to change their eating habits and weight loss is imminent, between 15 and 20 kilos is the average during the four months. During that time, they are given advice and nutritional recommendations so that the result is optimal ”, she concluded.

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