3. BHC (Bristol House Corporation): Research Features

Market research is what every trader needs to succeed. Everyone can do it on their own but sometimes you can save your time for other tasks if you have some analysis results in front of you. Bristol House Corporation company offers you a wide range of analysis tools that you can use to improve your trading results. Let’s look closer at them. Website: https://bristolcorp.com/

Market reviews

Asset-by-asset market reviews are something you will always want to read. They include important information that will help you to have a brief market review. This means you can start your morning by looking at them and including them in your analysis procedure.

Reviews can be filtered by assets. If you trade stocks, for example, you don’t need to see all those other news releases related to currencies or cryptocurrencies. You can easily exclude them from the list by choosing your asset you are interested in.

There are also some important data releases that you will definitely need to consider while trading any type of asset. Those are GDP data or Labor market releases, for example. And that’s not all. Bristol House Corporation offers important releases on all crucial pieces of macroeconomic data that you can ever find.

Economic calendar

You can forecast the asset price by using Technical or Fundamental analysis. The Technical forecasting method includes various math and graphic algorithms that help you to predict quotes. As for the Fundamental analysis, it also includes various tools that may help you to understand market moods and expectations. They include macroeconomic data that you can find on special Economic Calendars.

Bristol House Corporation offers such a tool to all its clients and even to all those who are still thinking about becoming their clients. Economic Calendar is free and you can use it anytime you want. What type of data is provided there?

First of all, you can watch for important data releases that can make the markets shake. Those are various types of indices like PMIs, CPIs, PPIs, and others. Here you can also find out more about the labor market situation in a particular country or region.

Economic Calendar provides you with an exact time and date of the event as well as with the forecasts. By analyzing this information you can better plan your trading routine and understand the reasons for the price fluctuations.

This important tool includes some filters allowing you to skip watching those countries you don’t interested in. There are also some tools allowing you to choose an exact date or a wide period. 

Economic Calendar allows you to trade on news releases. You can choose some important macroeconomic indicators and plan your trades according to the forecasts. For example, if you choose German Services PMI as the event to place trades, you can have a closer look at this data release and learn more about the previous reading and the forecast. Having those two figures, you can place a Buy or a Sell order according to your own data expectations.

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