How Sales Person Training Should Be Conducted?

The sales person is one of the key employees of your company. The seller is a kind of conduit between you and the buyer. He meets the buyer, advises him, talks about the advantages and disadvantages of your product.

In 60% of cases, it is the sales manager who “decides” whether the consumer will buy the product or not. This means that the efficiency of the entire company depends on the professionalism of your contact personnel.

But where to get a professional salesperson? In fact, there are sales people from birth, they know their job, they like it, they are able to sell anything to anyone. But there are only a few of them and there won’t be enough for all of them. Therefore, when recruiting sales managers, be prepared for the fact that they will have to be trained. Salesforce interview questions could be prepared which could help the individual sharpen up all about salesforce. Not just this but also latest interview questions with scenario-based interview questions and answers working should also be done.

Even if an employee has experience in sales in a similar company, he needs to be “tuned” to the implementation of your product. Such skill upgradation or upskill is the best way to move forward. In addition, work to improve the qualifications of personnel reduces staff turnover and brings the team closer together.

Let’s summarize the above and list the main goals of training sales personnel:

  • Differentiating the service process from competitors. If all organizations provide the same service, the buyer will no longer see the difference between you and your closest competitors. Such practice scenario creates a difference. In the face of increased competition and standardization of product quality, the service process is becoming one of the most significant factors influencing the purchase decision.
  • Increased customer loyalty. If the visitor was well served, provided the necessary assistance, and, in general, were friendly and welcoming with him, then the likelihood that he will return to this outlet increases several times.
  • Decreased staff turnover. As a rule, a trained employee stays in the company for a longer period than managers who have not completed advanced training courses.
  • Training allows the employee to quickly adapt to the new team. The newcomer will see that everyone is working according to the standards they are taught, which will significantly reduce the anxiety before taking office.
  • Retraining. Nothing stands still. At the moment, new technologies are being introduced into the service process, the work with which must be trained.
  • Knowledge of the assortment. Whatever you sell, your manager must know what products are in stock, what characteristics they have, and why they are generally needed. Imagine a situation, you are selling home appliances. A visitor with a manual sewing machine approaches your seller, and he sends him to read the characteristics on his own. It is even worse if the seller, who is not familiar with the product, starts to present it. This behaviour is likely to lead to big problems and negative customer reviews of your company. Therefore, during training, sellers need to familiarize themselves with the assortment portfolio of your organization.
  • Implementation of service standards.

In conclusion, I would like to note that training should be completed by all employees who in one way or another interact with the buyer. If such person has interview skills and has cleared the sales person training with flying colors would be best suited for this job.

These include:

  • Sales floor workers (consultant managers, cashiers). By the way, security and technical equipment (if it works while visitors visit the outlet) also need to be trained. For example, the guard should be told how he should behave in the event of a thief, and the cleaning lady should not bother visitors. This training will not be as long as that of salespeople, but nevertheless, a short briefing is worth it.
  • Telemarketers, dispatchers. They are the same sales managers as the salesperson and therefore should also be trained in customer service.
  • Support staff. If your company has a delivery service, then couriers will have to be trained as well.

Take as a rule the following:  Everyone who has any contact with the consumer should undergo remote sales training from Winning by Design. The only difference will be in the program and the duration of the training.

To identify the contact people for your organization, list all possible points of contact for your company with customers.

Perhaps you have a promoter who invites visitors. He must also receive training. After all, the impression of your company is made up of the totality of points of contact with it, and not only from the interaction of sellers with customers.

But do not be alarmed, for most of the contact personnel, training will consist of a short briefing.

Training methods

In this part of the article, I would like to draw your attention to the methods of training sales managers. Their training is the longest and the most significant contribution to the consumer’s decision.

You have recruited “newbies” who do not yet know anything about your company, product, customers. What to do? You can hand them over to more experienced employees.

Each outlet has “stars” that show the best results from month to month. Such a leader will not only be able to talk about the specifics of the organization’s activities and work standards, but also demonstrate the technique of selling goods in the field, which you cannot do when training in the office.

The hardest part of implementing this technique is overcoming the resistance of experienced employees. Nobody wants to take on extra work, and even create competition for themselves.

To motivate the “old-timer” to conduct sales training, you can resort to the following methods:

  • Assign a cash bonus for each trainee or performance. The second option is more advantageous for you, because most likely you will not take all trainees, but only those who showed themselves in the best way according to the results of training.
  • If your company has a high level of development of corporate culture and corporate spirit, then you can motivate employees and intangible. Praise, create a public ranking of the best leaders, express your appreciation for helping to develop the organization.
  • Free the employee from some of his duties. But be prepared for a drop in sales during your internship.

Organizing training by the internship method is quite simple, for this you need to draw up a plan in which you need to:

  • Indicate the duration of the internship. Your plan should include a start date and a graduation date.
  • Outline the responsibilities of the internship manager and trainee.
  • Determine online education or training outcomes. Write down exactly what the “newbie” should learn online. After all, if he works in the sales area, he may not know the specifics of working with the cash register. This is important to understand. A universal employee is good, but it will take too much time and material resources to train him.
  • Form a test that the trainee will have to pass based on the learning outcomes. You can also do a hands-on test or just watch the student work.

Be sure to have a conversation with both the “trainer” and the “learner” before starting the training. The first one must clearly understand what kind of knowledge he must transfer, and the second one, what kind of knowledge he must receive.

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