Everything to know about California CA number.

If you want to start a transportation business or want to open a truck company in California you do require a CA number. But the question is that what is the CA number?  Why do we need it and how to get it? Well, you come on the right page as in this article we come to know everything about California CA number.

CA number

Carrier Identification number is referred to as CA number which is given by the California Highway patrol. It is used by the CHP to recognize a carrier and according to the Department of Motor vehicles, you have to register your CA number to get a Motor Carrier Permit. A Motor Carrier Permit is a document provided by the DMV’s registration operations division and then the permit is equipping to the motor carrier as proof of registration with the DMV of their CA number. This permit having specific information of motor carriers like name, email address, CA number, and expiration dates. 

How to get a CA number

To have a Motor Carrier Permit then apart from your CA number you are going to need the following things.

  • Thoroughly fill the application for MCP
  • Submit the dues
  •  Meet the liability insurance requirements
  • Give evidence of work comp insurance
  • If you have drivers with a commercial class A, B, or C driver’s license having a hazmat endorsement working for you then give a solid requester code 

Why do need a CA number

We do need a CA number as per the Motor Carrier Permit requirements in the following aspects:

  1. In-state carriers
  2. Out-of-state carriers

In-state carriers

A vehicle that is only operated within the state of California must acquire a motor carrier permit and a CA number but does not need a U.S Department of transportation number.

Out-of-state carriers

To enter into California, some out-of-state carriers must have to acquire a Motor Carrier Permit, CA number, and U.S DOT number.

Importance of CA number

To ensure the safety measures of somebody who is either a motor carrier or property of a motor carrier, the CA number plays a huge role as it shows the record in an electronic record system which is operated by the CHP. In this way, Department can continue its duties regarding the safe operations of trucks, buses, trailers, and other transports and it is very important to make sure that motor carriers & property’s motor carriers are perfectly graded concerning their safety performance in California highways. It is also important to identify each person who is the motor carrier or motor carrier of the property perfectly for safety measures and also to grade their performance. The main agenda of this identification is to make the Department capable to take legal actions against the motor carrier or property of motor carriers who are violated any safety measures. If something like this ever happens then the department will correctly recognize the action subject than adding other entities of separate persons.  

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